Wednesday, February 18, 2015

And The Ice Arrives

Yesterday the ice came.  Only ice.  No snow.  Today, it snowed but not hardly anything.  Yet, schools are closed.  They had a workday on Monday anyways.  Well, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so far have been cancelled.  I homeschool most so really doesn't effect anyone but Bojan. And, he's been a great teacher assistant all these days.  We'll do the same tomorrow as well.  Mean time, thought I'd share some pics of us out and about in the snow/ ice.

Looks like snow but this was all ICE!

We were thoroughly disappointed in the ice but totally made the best of it.  Have great group shots but can't show them for obvious reasons.  Come on court date, hurry up!

Irina and Reni setting out to go sledding in the front yard.  

I think Nik could find a place to sled in the desert to be honest.

Some of ours trying to reach the top of the hill.  It is a sheet of ice remember on a hill.

Irina ran back to get more sleds.  What sucks is two of our sleds broke over the ice.  We lost the blue one and the multi colored one.  Bummer.

Alex, crash and burn!  LOL.

To me, Summer looks so grown up here.  Not sure why.

Logan and Nik sharing a ride.  My azaleas took a beating this afternoon.

Reni and Summer sharing a ride as well.

See, they do get along!

Irina will kill me for putting this one on here but can't help it.  Think it's cute.  Getting ready to crash into the rocks.  

Alyona just being Alyona.  Don't worry, she got to sled down as well.  All of them were having fun.

Sofie doing her own thing.  She is something else lately and that is a whole other post.  Love this girl.  She dressed herself btw.  Still can't zip but she is getting better at self-care.  And, she can rule a sled!  Well, I am tired and must go to bed. Warren is sick.  First sick person of the season and since it's February, I should consider myself lucky.  Hoping it does not spread.  Much more to come!  

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