Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alyona's Surgery

January 13th, Alyona had surgery with her orthopedic surgeon at Duke.  He was running hours behind so ended up being a really, really long day.  Nik had audiology at UNC all morning so we went there first and then to Duke for surgery since alyona had an afternoon spot.  This was to be a simple surgery.  Just a cyst.  Surgery was a bit harder for the surgeon and we got the cyst just in time.  He said it was literally sitting on the radial artery and starting to wrap around it.  He got it all and it was normal pathology.  She did well and we got to leave....late.  Kids stayed with a friend that day.  I owe her big! 

This was like the day after or two of her surgery.  She was so pleased to have such a simple surgery compared to all her others she's had done.  Plus, it was her right hand.  She's left handed so had no effect on her.  Finally, a simple surgery in this house.  Only other surgery we should have this year, pending all goes right w/ everyone, is Logan's tonsils at some point.  Nice to be somewhat surgery free this year. 

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