Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Grinch Didn't Win!

So, a story of what happened here.  Mid-December my sister sends me a message asking if we got her package.  Said no.  Hmm, b/c it was delivered December 1st or so.  She couldn't remember if she'd sent it USPS or UPS.   Fine.  After conversation, we realized she sent it to a neighbor with a different address. He is known by many in this neighborhood as being grumpy.  I tell the kids to remember to be nice.  But, he's also done some not nice things to them too.  Won't get into details. 

Anyhow, sent Irina and Max over and said remember, be VERY nice.  They were met grumpily.  Irina asked if they had accidentally received a box that belonged to us.  He said "I don't know, I get lots of boxes."  She said well, this one would have our name on it and come from VA.  He said "I don't know."  And get your dog off my property.  Unbeknownst to Irina and Max, Digby had followed them over there.  NOT the house to go to.  He hates dogs.  And every neighborhood dog that escapes goes to his yard.  I am NOT saying it was okay for Digby to follow them.  Kids had no idea he did.  See, Digby stays on our front porch and in the yard.  Alaska is not allowed out unless on a leash but Digby stays.  Unless, his 'people' are going for a walk.  He's done it a few times before.  Bad, bad timing on this night.  Irina & Max were not happy the dog followed them.  Despite that, he wasn't all that kind and shut the door on them.  Attempt one at Christmas present retrieval. 

Next, Warren stopped by on the way home and got the lady of the house.  She is pleasant in demeanor.  She said they'd been away and the post office was collecting their mail.  It is now January 1st.  Have not heard from them at all about the present that we know went to their house.  He also knew it was a Christmas present from my sister. 

My sister was kind enough to send a replacement gift.

A new box.  One that came to this house.

They were ready to open it for sure knowing the other one was gone.

Awesome tin.  and a HUGE one as you can see.  Now it is filled with legos since it was emptied.

And of course they start digging into it.  So much though, the next day we had friends over to watch movies and eat popcorn.  Was great.

A few of the kids enjoying their Christmas present from Aunt Heather.  Thank you for showing Christmas Spirit and not letting the 'grinch' steal it. 

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