Monday, January 5, 2015

Manic Monday

A Monday packed full of stuff to do so let's get started here.

  • waiting to hear when court is rescheduled.  
  • Bojan turns 16 today
  • Warren turns fifty something or another  
  • Going to park with friends today
  • Starting new semester
  • Going to museum (had to cancel last week...urghh)
  • Registered Alex and Reni for soccer
  • Asking about dance for Sofie and Summer as well
  • Need to get a family portrait done soon
  • Had windows open and shorts on yesterday.  Going to be 27 on Thursday.  Crazy weather
  • Planning trips, events, sports, classes, etc. for the next several months
  • Warren's car got fixed as a Christmas gift from his parents (this is AWESOME!)
  • My van needs an oil change
  • Babysitting this week for just two days
  • Kids are back to work-- oldest two
  • One son used another son's debit card-- urghh!!  Life lessons.  Got to do them.
  • Checking into huge mess w/ BCBS
  • Checking into coverage for this coming year for all the therapies
  • OT/PT/Speech coming this week
  • Alex, Logan and Bojan are going on a retreat this coming weekend
  • Oven still not fixed
  • Need to pay bills
  • Kids did a great job cleaning house yesterday.  Today, a disaster.  I give up
  • bojan has been in contact with his birth family in Serbia
And more going on to be sure.  Trying to figure out who's going to be in what activity, coordinate schedules and things of that nature.  It is time consuming.  But once figured out, it's fine.  So, speaking of which, need to go do a few things.  Some friends are coming over to wish Bojan and Warren a Happy Birthday.   Need to get going but will be back later to write some more posts.  Trying to better keep up with things this coming year.  Even got the kids up on time today!  Miracle after Christmas break. 

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