Thursday, January 1, 2015

Houseguest's Recital

Houseguest had her first dance performance in December.  We all went.  It was local and at a big hall.  Not huge hall but big enough. 

The hall where they were performing.  We sat in the balcony section and loved it.

Bojan and Irina goofing off before the start of the show.

Reni getting a great view and waving to her sister and friends.

Better smiles from these two.

Summer waiting for things to start.  Notice her holding her frog hat next to her?

Sofie is all smiles waiting to see her sister.  Chew tube ready too.

Look, Bojan found yet another sibling to bug before the show.  Logan.

Teh group of performers.  Really was a great show and the kids did a great job dancing.  Was a peaceful show and just really got you into the Christmas Spirit.  Loved it!  We went home shortly after.  Now, Summer and Sofie have said they want to take dance too.  

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