Friday, January 2, 2015

Court delayed

As with any adoption, there are delays.  Even if stateside.  So, we will not be travelling for finalization quite yet.  Hope to hear news very shortly as to when the reset date will be.  Just anxious to be done and show the world our beautiful baby boy.  Well, he's our baby.  Today was errand running.  We were going to go to the museum for a field trip but kids were acting up so badly this morning while doing school, Warren said no.  I agreed.  So, we did errands, went onto Sam's, etc.  Nothing exciting, that's for sure.  Some of the kids hung out with friends. 

My shoulder is killing me.  Not sure if this is part of the tree falling on me last week or what.  But severe pain so this won't be long.  I've pulled something b/c certain direction.  Just not sure what.  After this, going to make a sling.  If not better tomorrow or if pain is the same, going in.  Trying ot avoid doc office as it is full of flu sick people.  May try the museum thing tomorrow, who knows. 

More posts waiting but I can barely type.  So, need to rest the shoulder.  Posts tomorrow for sure.  So many pictures to share.  Maybe our therapists can work on me tomorrow :)


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder! I would think that it definitely is hurting because of the tree falling on it. That would strain even a Lumberjack's shoulder. There is a reason they yell "Timber!", you know. :) I hope that you go see a doctor, just to make sure everything is ok. I would hate for it to get worse. I hope it feels better soon though. Try to take it easy if you can. I have seen how nicely your kids help you around the house in other posts, so hopefully you can rest that shoulder. And lift little guy with the other arm, :)

  2. Congratulations! I hope you get your finalization dates quickly. We are anticipating travel dates in the Spring to get our daughter, and it seems like "hurry up and wait" is the name of the game sometimes. :-)