Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bubbles, Breathing, Bulbs and Blessing

Today is New Year's Day.  That is hard to believe to be sure!  2015 brings another year of change for Chaos Manor.  I am hoping this is the year we really get to move.  Our two current children become finalized very soon and that is awesome way to kick off the year.  So, a few things for 2015 like Alyona's surgery this month and then I know Logan will need tonsils out soon.  Lots of things here and there happening.  Looking forward to a promising year of change.

I know, can't see the face yet.  But, this is big brother Nik blowing bubbles for Little Guy.  

Nik and Little Guy really enjoyed doing this together.  They were interacting and just having fun.

Doc gave us this the other week.  It is for Sofie.  Asthma.  Not too severe so that is good.   Can be controlled and more allergy related for her we think.  So, she is on Singulair now, along w/ an inhaler.  She reminds me of Irina in winter, always sounding sick w/ that barking cough but she's not.  

A Pinterest Idea that didn't turn out too badly.  Was suposed to look like Christmas lights.  Sofie went a little crazy on the fingerprints though.

These are Nik's prints.  Little Guy actually needs to do his still.  Cute idea and doesn't take long.  

Over Christmas, a local church brought over some food for our family.  Knowing how fast food goes in this house, this was a huge blessing.

My kids are big fans of cereal b/c we rarely buy it.  So to see Count Chocula, Boo-Berry and Cheerios all in the same batch, well, it was jackpot for them.  And, of course breakfast for the next day.  We were really surprised by this gift and truly thankful.  

So much more to share that has happened over the last few weeks.  Bit by bit, I'll get there.  So, be prepared to be bombarded with photos tomorrow.

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