Sunday, January 4, 2015

Birthday Girl

You know I'm trying to catch up on some December posts here so bare with me.  A lot went on.  December 19th was Summer's birthday.  And boy, she won't let you forget it. 

About two days prior to her birthday, she went w/ us to Walmart for an impromptu shop due to finding out we had no oven after installing the new stove.  While in line I caved.  We got her a Frozen balloon and she was elated.

While at Wally World, we had to get a dinner.  Late dinner so cereal it was since we rarely have cereal.  And boy, we picked out a bunch of junk cereal too.  Call it Christmas time.  LOL.

Summer on her birthday.  She wanted to wear the special birthday pin we have.

The day of Summer's birthday, we did a lot of improvising. Actually, now I remember.  This day was the day we installed the new oven but during the day, old one was in so made her sugar cookies to decorate.  

Nik was more than happy to decorate cookies.  They all had enough icing on one cookie for ten.

Summer was beaming b/c this was her day.  Still had her pin on.

Some of the cookie helpers/ eaters.  The 'extra' is NOT Little Guy.  He is a family friend of Sofie and Summer.  Trust me, he got plenty of icing on his cookie too.

Later, with no oven, meant no cake.  No problem.  Friends brought Summer a cake that evening and stayed to sing Happy Birthday!

And let celebration begin.  

Summer blowing out her 8 candles!  She had a great birthday and loved being front and center.  Last year's family birthday bash remember was to TN at a waterpark for a few days.  This year in 2015, the kids voted to all go to an amusement park in the spring or summer some time.  Here, we'll be celebrating birthdays all year.  In fact, two more tomorrow.   Warren and Bojan!  My kids are growing up way too fast for me.

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