Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Special Santa

Awhile back we took the four youngest kids to a special needs event put on by a local organization here called Hopes and Dreams.  It was awesome! 

Before they left, Reni did their hair.  Summer wanted hers straight like her older sisters.

They had games to play and this is one of the prizes  Nik won.

Summer was rather excited when she found out Santa was going to be there.  Love the headband?

After standing patiently in line, Sofie literally RAN and jumped in Santa's lap.  Everyone was laughing at that one.  

The smile never left her face.  She was in heaven.  

Summer waiting her turn in line.  My little Fashionista w/ those boots and smocked dress.  LOL.

 She was simply delighted to tell Santa about wanting Barbies.

One last hug before the Northpole.

Elves were there too!  Handing out gifts.

And Santa even granted her wish!  The smile can't get much bigger.  

Nik giving his Minecraft list.  And of course he got legos! Had that picture just now till I realized it had Little Guy in it.  So, just imagine Nik happy w/ legos.  LOL.  Each child got a present and coloring book.

Course, there was all kinds of goodies and desserts.  Just was a very pleasant time.  Had a blast.  It was nice b/c they could really talk to Santa and not be rushed.  Very sweet of Hopes and Dreams to put this on. Thank you all! 

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