Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Special Santa

Awhile back we took the four youngest kids to a special needs event put on by a local organization here called Hopes and Dreams.  It was awesome! 

Before they left, Reni did their hair.  Summer wanted hers straight like her older sisters.

They had games to play and this is one of the prizes  Nik won.

Summer was rather excited when she found out Santa was going to be there.  Love the headband?

After standing patiently in line, Sofie literally RAN and jumped in Santa's lap.  Everyone was laughing at that one.  

The smile never left her face.  She was in heaven.  

Summer waiting her turn in line.  My little Fashionista w/ those boots and smocked dress.  LOL.

 She was simply delighted to tell Santa about wanting Barbies.

One last hug before the Northpole.

Elves were there too!  Handing out gifts.

And Santa even granted her wish!  The smile can't get much bigger.  

Nik giving his Minecraft list.  And of course he got legos! Had that picture just now till I realized it had Little Guy in it.  So, just imagine Nik happy w/ legos.  LOL.  Each child got a present and coloring book.

Course, there was all kinds of goodies and desserts.  Just was a very pleasant time.  Had a blast.  It was nice b/c they could really talk to Santa and not be rushed.  Very sweet of Hopes and Dreams to put this on. Thank you all! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Court delayed

As with any adoption, there are delays.  Even if stateside.  So, we will not be travelling for finalization quite yet.  Hope to hear news very shortly as to when the reset date will be.  Just anxious to be done and show the world our beautiful baby boy.  Well, he's our baby.  Today was errand running.  We were going to go to the museum for a field trip but kids were acting up so badly this morning while doing school, Warren said no.  I agreed.  So, we did errands, went onto Sam's, etc.  Nothing exciting, that's for sure.  Some of the kids hung out with friends. 

My shoulder is killing me.  Not sure if this is part of the tree falling on me last week or what.  But severe pain so this won't be long.  I've pulled something b/c certain direction.  Just not sure what.  After this, going to make a sling.  If not better tomorrow or if pain is the same, going in.  Trying ot avoid doc office as it is full of flu sick people.  May try the museum thing tomorrow, who knows. 

More posts waiting but I can barely type.  So, need to rest the shoulder.  Posts tomorrow for sure.  So many pictures to share.  Maybe our therapists can work on me tomorrow :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bubbles, Breathing, Bulbs and Blessing

Today is New Year's Day.  That is hard to believe to be sure!  2015 brings another year of change for Chaos Manor.  I am hoping this is the year we really get to move.  Our two current children become finalized very soon and that is awesome way to kick off the year.  So, a few things for 2015 like Alyona's surgery this month and then I know Logan will need tonsils out soon.  Lots of things here and there happening.  Looking forward to a promising year of change.

I know, can't see the face yet.  But, this is big brother Nik blowing bubbles for Little Guy.  

Nik and Little Guy really enjoyed doing this together.  They were interacting and just having fun.

Doc gave us this the other week.  It is for Sofie.  Asthma.  Not too severe so that is good.   Can be controlled and more allergy related for her we think.  So, she is on Singulair now, along w/ an inhaler.  She reminds me of Irina in winter, always sounding sick w/ that barking cough but she's not.  

A Pinterest Idea that didn't turn out too badly.  Was suposed to look like Christmas lights.  Sofie went a little crazy on the fingerprints though.

These are Nik's prints.  Little Guy actually needs to do his still.  Cute idea and doesn't take long.  

Over Christmas, a local church brought over some food for our family.  Knowing how fast food goes in this house, this was a huge blessing.

My kids are big fans of cereal b/c we rarely buy it.  So to see Count Chocula, Boo-Berry and Cheerios all in the same batch, well, it was jackpot for them.  And, of course breakfast for the next day.  We were really surprised by this gift and truly thankful.  

So much more to share that has happened over the last few weeks.  Bit by bit, I'll get there.  So, be prepared to be bombarded with photos tomorrow.

The Grinch Didn't Win!

So, a story of what happened here.  Mid-December my sister sends me a message asking if we got her package.  Said no.  Hmm, b/c it was delivered December 1st or so.  She couldn't remember if she'd sent it USPS or UPS.   Fine.  After conversation, we realized she sent it to a neighbor with a different address. He is known by many in this neighborhood as being grumpy.  I tell the kids to remember to be nice.  But, he's also done some not nice things to them too.  Won't get into details. 

Anyhow, sent Irina and Max over and said remember, be VERY nice.  They were met grumpily.  Irina asked if they had accidentally received a box that belonged to us.  He said "I don't know, I get lots of boxes."  She said well, this one would have our name on it and come from VA.  He said "I don't know."  And get your dog off my property.  Unbeknownst to Irina and Max, Digby had followed them over there.  NOT the house to go to.  He hates dogs.  And every neighborhood dog that escapes goes to his yard.  I am NOT saying it was okay for Digby to follow them.  Kids had no idea he did.  See, Digby stays on our front porch and in the yard.  Alaska is not allowed out unless on a leash but Digby stays.  Unless, his 'people' are going for a walk.  He's done it a few times before.  Bad, bad timing on this night.  Irina & Max were not happy the dog followed them.  Despite that, he wasn't all that kind and shut the door on them.  Attempt one at Christmas present retrieval. 

Next, Warren stopped by on the way home and got the lady of the house.  She is pleasant in demeanor.  She said they'd been away and the post office was collecting their mail.  It is now January 1st.  Have not heard from them at all about the present that we know went to their house.  He also knew it was a Christmas present from my sister. 

My sister was kind enough to send a replacement gift.

A new box.  One that came to this house.

They were ready to open it for sure knowing the other one was gone.

Awesome tin.  and a HUGE one as you can see.  Now it is filled with legos since it was emptied.

And of course they start digging into it.  So much though, the next day we had friends over to watch movies and eat popcorn.  Was great.

A few of the kids enjoying their Christmas present from Aunt Heather.  Thank you for showing Christmas Spirit and not letting the 'grinch' steal it. 

Houseguest's Recital

Houseguest had her first dance performance in December.  We all went.  It was local and at a big hall.  Not huge hall but big enough. 

The hall where they were performing.  We sat in the balcony section and loved it.

Bojan and Irina goofing off before the start of the show.

Reni getting a great view and waving to her sister and friends.

Better smiles from these two.

Summer waiting for things to start.  Notice her holding her frog hat next to her?

Sofie is all smiles waiting to see her sister.  Chew tube ready too.

Look, Bojan found yet another sibling to bug before the show.  Logan.

Teh group of performers.  Really was a great show and the kids did a great job dancing.  Was a peaceful show and just really got you into the Christmas Spirit.  Loved it!  We went home shortly after.  Now, Summer and Sofie have said they want to take dance too.  

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And The Tree Is Down for the Count!

Going back a few posts so bare with me.  It was December 23rd and we were sitting on the couch, watching tv, on the ipads, etc.  Nothing really happening at the moment.  Till I felt something hit my shoulder hard.  And I mean hard.

Poor Alaska was scared.  She's in the background.  

Notice, not too many ornaments remained on the tree.  Tree skirt was soaked.

This was after it was pushed off me and pushed back.

Time to try to put it back up.  Trouble was, stand was broken.  So, the boys had to rig something up to get it to stay in place.

Irina seeing what she could salvage.  Ball pit balls were already on the floor.  Lots of ornaments got broken but could have been a lot worse.  Took about three days for the shoulder of mine to get back to normal.

Towels to soak up all the water.  Very sparce looking after the fall.  Now, need even more ornaments.  Keeping an eye out at sales this year.  We were very lucky. 

Big, big things happening around here

There is so much going on at Chaos Manor all at once and a few curve balls this week, that the blog is the last thing on the mind.  We are at the tail end of one of our adoptions and getting arrangements for travel and things of that nature.  Just simply busy.  Throw in Christmas, Irina's birthday, and a broken oven and well, blog is a non-essential.  That being said, it's New Year's and time for more resolutions to keep up with this blog.  LOL.  Most on here though are on FB and better at keeping up w/ FB as you just write short sentences there. 

Our last post was a broken oven.  Still broken.  Lowes said Frigidaire will fix it.  Frigidaire said Lowes would fix it.  Warren then went in to speak with the manager yesterday.  Well, he said their repair people will fix two weeks!  Earliest appointment available is supposedly January 16th.  No cookies, no cakes, no casseroles, no baked meatballs, not as many choices.  Frustrating.  Got so bad that today Bojan asked if it is possible to grill brownies.  Anyone want to drop off baked goodies, please feel free.  We miss our oven!!  I can't make pizza or anything.  And for the inconvenience of someone else coming to stay at our home to watch our kids and not being able to cook, not good.  Maybe I should stand in Lowes with pans full of batter waiting to be baked.  Trying to be patient but really, this is getting annoying.  We understand part of it is the holidays but if you can guarantee delivery same day, why not be able to fix it in less than a few weeks time.  Just my two cents really. 

We stayed home tonight and really relaxed.  Watched Cold Case, CSI and things like that.  Kids are into it.  Most hung out with friends today.  Decided to go to the museum this week.  I have been trying to plan all sorts of things happening all at once.  And until next week is done, not saying what everything is.  We do have court at some time next week for Little Guy.  It should become official then.  I can not wait.  Tons to share, including pictures.  Since I am going nowhere tomorrow, perfect day to do some posts.  Stay tuned.