Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meadow Lights

Every year we visit a local light show.  It's great with the train ride, trip to Santa and an old fashioned candy store that we always spend way too much on.  But, brings smiles to young and old so we go.  And where else can you go for just $2 a person and do all that?!  I have some group shots but can not post yet.  In time folks, in time.

Summer and camera hog Alyona.  She is into photobombing pictures now and we're all annoyed.

Again, photobomber.  Good one of Nik and Irina though.

Lights galore!  Beautiful at night on the train.

Warren looking around.  Typically it is packed but we went the weekend after Thanksgiving and on Sunday night.  Empty!  Doing that again next year for sure.  Normally, you can't walk in here there are that many people. 

Dazed deciding on candy.  He will hate me for that picture.

Bojan being funny but I think he just ticked off Logan.  LOL.

Buds just hanging out.  

Oh and did Sofie, Summer and Nik have things to tell Santa.  They were just so dog gone excited.  Fun times.  We really did enjoy ourselves. 

Dog days and decorating

Time to get back to blogging here.  Today, Thursday, was rather busy.  Both recalls were fixed.  then I took 5 of the kids to the dentist for work to be done.  Poor Summer, 4 teeth pulled!  Came home with therapies for four of the kids and then friends came over to hang out with the kids.  Warren went to the cardiologist and also received a good report.  Kids went to bed at a some what decent hour this evening so time to do a little writing tonight.

One day, Alaska fell asleep on Alex.

Seriously, not sure which one was more tired.

Alex trying to hold up the tree.  We put an angel up but when Max tried to straighten it up, the tree was falling.  so now we have an angel that looks like she's leaping off the tree.  Bojan called it a leap of faith.  Funny.

Irina just hanging out after work one day.  Little Guy's favorite thing is to throw all the ball pit balls out of his play pen. 

My redneck decorators ready to work.  Got to love decorating in pajamas.  Such class my kids have.  Nik has shorts on.  Yes, it's actually cold out.  And they could care less.

Not sure what Logan was trying to say here.

Both the boys checking their work.

Not sure why the pics stuck together.  Top one is of course Nik mid-sentence.

Some of our stockings.  Not all were up yet as we needed more nails.  

Decorating was slack this year.  After years upon years, our lights are just dead.  We truly need new Christmas lights for outside and decorations.  I miss all our Christmas stuff.  Still recovering from that hot water heater bursting under the house years ago and destroying all the Christmas stuff.  But, we put up what we have.  Just gives me a good excuse to be on the look out for Christmas stuff all year round.  And that's not a bad thing.  We all really enjoy this time of year.  Christmas Parade is this weekend!  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Houseguest Performs!

Houseguest is 13yo.  Been here for quite some time now and doing great.  She is enrolled in a dance class and loves it.  Well, last week they had their first performance at a local tree lighting ceremony.  All of us went to see her. 

Since I can't show houseguest or pics w/ Little Guy in them, I am limited on selection here.  But, this is Summer w/ her festive headband on.

Sofie really enjoying her seat on her brother's shoulders.  Alex was a great sport for doing this.

Sofie mesmerized by her sister dancing.

Alyona being Alyona.  All smiles.  Well, unless her sisters and her are fighting.  LOL.  

We all had a good time at the dance.  Short but sweet and House guest was all smiles.  And that's what it's all about.  Glad her sibs came out to support her.  Just was pleasant.  Since we missed Santa, on Saturday I took the little kids to see him.  Sans camera just to enjoy the moment.  They loved it!  Even got goodie bags.  It's the simple things my kids love.   And for that, I'm grateful as sometimes a simple moment has the most meaning.  More posts tomorrow.  Sorry only three tonight.  Life happens.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Helmet Head

Okay, so Little Guy is a head banger.  Many years ago when we first got Max, he was a head banger.  But nothing to the extent of looking guy as Little Guy is sensory seeking.  It was decided by us, neuro team at Duke and all his therapists that for his protection, a helmet would be the best choice for now.  And after I tried to change his diaper in a restroom once w/ no diaper changer table, I have to agree.  So, last Friday we went to pick up the helmet. 

Now, knew it didn't fit right off the bat as the back of his head is flat as a pancake and they didn't cast him for it.  So, no custom fit.  They said we put padding on the inside and cut to fit.  Had him walk around w/ it on, went back in the room and told them where it poked his ear and needed trimming.  They did it and we were on our way home.  Instructions of gradually getting him used to it. 

Next day, we had therapy.  She and I agreed not a good fit at all for him.  Do not like the big cushion on the front.  NOT where he needs the protection.  Also, we tried hats to not make it so loose and other ideas to no avail.  Tomorrow, I'll be calling and saying we need major adjustments please.  For now though, getting him used to it.

Back/ side view of the helmet.

Hard shell on the outside, all padding on the inside.  Big thing in front is what we all agree must go.  AFfects his vision and walking and is really unnecessary.

Back view.  It will work.  It will.  We just need to tweak it a bit more and that's not a big deal.  Definitely will keep the head safe and that's what we all wanted.  He is super cute no matter what you put on him though. 

Manic Monday on Tuesday

Time to get back into the swing of things.  Just been busy, busy busy this week and past weekend.  So, I'll do this post, get dinner for everyone and then maybe a few more posts this evening.  For now, here goes Manic Monday:

  • gave kids pop quiz on the Industrial revolution.  They did terrible.  Not happy.
  • kids have caught spring fever and it's not even spring yet!
  • no Christmas shopping done
  • van in shop today for a recall
  • car in shop tomorrow for a recall
  • friends came over yesterday
  • haven't scheduled family Christmas photo yet
  • kids got great surprise in the mail today
  • need to do surveys
  • Little Guy's helmet doesn't fit right
  • waiting for Bojan's liners so we can get running legs & new knee
  • Nik's implants are broken again
  • Warren has heart check up
  • House guest has dance this week
  • allergy testing for me this week (yuck)
  • ortho for me this week
  • local Christmas Parade this weekend
  • need to figure out soccer/ spring sports for kids this week
  • need to figure out new classes for kids next semester 
  • still awaiting genetics results from Duke
  • our Christmas lights are pretty much done.  All these years, we just don't really have that many left.  Next year, need to replenish our supply.
  • need to do surveys
  • lots on the mind lately
  • youth group on Wednesday and Sunday
  • ready for our final adoptions to be done
  • PPR's are pretty much done
  • Irina bought herself a new ipad
  • Max bought his first ipod
a bunch of little things going on that have kept us super  busy.  Trying to get many loose ends tied up.  Travelling soon for Little Guy's adoption.  Thrilled.  Have to fill you all in on a few things happening around Chaos Manor soon.  Again, this season is a little busy.   But, will try my best to blog as it keeps me sane believe it or not.  more to come later this evening.