Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heart Healthy

Yesterday, I tried to cancel my cardiology appointment.  See, I went in spring and am due to go yearly.  However, my cardiologist passed away shortly thereafter & in order to establish at a new place so you can get meds filled, you must see another one.  Wanted to cancel b/c I had no choice that day but to take 9 kids with me.  Usually, leave the older ones behind unless I sense it would not be a good idea that day.  Trust me, you can tell.  Sure enough, I knew.  Called the new place and they said come anyhow.  Told them you realize there will be nine of them. 

Just knew the bp would be up just walking in there.  Got everyone settled.  Right off the bat Sofie discovered the tissues.  She has a little cold.  She blew her nose and snuck said snotty tissue back in the box!  I told the office I'd bring a  new box next week.  Went back and they took bp 127/ 74 and EKG perfectly normal.  The cardiologist said and why did you start seeing a cardiologist to begin with?  He was surprised to see me there.  So, no need to come back for at least a year unless there is a problem.  He said if changes, just call and schedule something. 

When finished, I did go back to the waiting room and tell the kids when they asked me how I was "doc told me you are stressing mom out and have to help a whole lot more."  Nurse nodded in agreement.  LOL.  I know, that was mean but so worth it after all the attitude from the morning.  Heart healthy, now to just get in shape and keep it that way!

And the Christmas Tree Arrived

Well, it's Christmas Time here and we always get a tree from a local farmer.  No exception this year.  Usually takes a few of the boys to bring it in. 

Tree got in without much incident.  There was debate on how crooked it was.  Don't ask.  

Nik of course wanted his picture taken in front of the tree first.  He loves this time of year.

Lights went on courtesy of Max.  Then, we started on some ornaments.

All the good pics I have have Houseguest or Little Guy in them.  So, this is a partial of Reni getting ready to reach some high spots with ornaments.

Nice clean quilt drying so of course the dog has to lay on it.  She could care less about the tree.  It is the stockings she wants for the treats.

Reni took one w/ the lights on it.  Was only partially decorated.  Forgive the pile of stuff every which way. We now have an angel I found at a consignment store today.  However, she now looks like she's leaping off the tree.  Bojan called it the leap of faith.  LOL.

I couldn't resist.  I bought into commercialism.  Well, marketing.  Aren't they cute?!  So, diapers.  Have to have them anyhow.  These were the Target generic brand.  To be honest though, don't like them as much as the loves. 

Christmas decorations are slowly but surely going up around here.  Starting to look like Christmas for sure.  Even went to Meadow Lights.  More on that one shortly. 

A few 'problems' here

Every once in awhile, you run into problems.  Like, how to convince a kid not to share his bed...

Nik, with his Minecraft Man he created out of Kinex.  Next day, he decided the man needed the entire bed and he actually slept on the floor!  yes, Nik slept on the floor and Minecraft Man slept on the bed.  Now that's a problem.

Another problem.  Summer is growing way to fast!  Okay, so Summer loves frogs for whatever reason.  Frog hats, stuffed animals, hopped like a frog today, etc.  Not sure where this came from.  Anyhow, I bought this frog hat for her before pick up trip in Bulgaria.  She was just 4yo.  She has gotten 3  years out of this hat and keeps wearing it no matter what new hats she gets.  So, trying to search ebay or see if someone can knit one.  It can not be the same size obviously.  Working on this issue now before winter really sets in.  Ha!  Winter in NC.  Contradiction in terms.

Went to the bread outlet the other day.  This is the extra that would not fit in the freezer.  So, for the first time telling the kids they can eat as much toast as they want for snack.  Slowly, getting room in the freezer.  $2 for an entire garbage bag FULL of bread!  Not really a problem when you think about it.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So this year was the first year it was just us.  We didn't go anywhere, we didn't have anyone come over, nothing.  And to be honest, we truly enjoyed it.  All of us.  NONE of us were stressed.  Little Guy was on his on turf so no fussing or screaming in the car to be had.  Let kids sleep in.  Most had PJ's on the entire day. Why?  Because we could.  We put the turkey in, and turned on the Macy's Parade. Watched Sofie about lose her mind with Elmo. Still a huge hit with her.  Nik upset there was no Minecraft float.  Older kids singing some of the songs.  Simple stuff.  Then, for some reason, my kids got a burst of energy. Scrubbed the entire house!  And I mean scrubbed.  Max even washed and waxed both cars.  It was nuts.  Covered the windows in plastic for cost reasons.  Plus, windows are very drafty in this house in winter.  This helps.  Productive day. 

Why my kids always insist on peeling potatoes on the floor, I'll never know.  Hey, at lesat they sweep up the mess.  Pajama time I tell you.

So, Irina made dessert.  Boston Cream Pie/ Cake.  Better than it looks.  LOL.  And, she made Cracker Candy.  We call it crack candy though. Yes, very addicting but way, way too sweet.

Irina was SO mad I took a picture of her cake.  Don't mom!  It's ugly!  Yes, but it was delicious dear!  Just work on presentation next time.  And, we will.  I know the problem but in life, need to learn lessons here and there to figure it out for next time.   And, she did.

Ahh, Lego man is at it again.  He builds all sorts of things.  You should see the chair he built for Little Guy.  Amazing.   Sorry, no picture though.

Max cut the turkey with Reni watching.  We ate the entire thing.  Really enjoyed just hanging out together and relaxing.  And food was great.  So, a very simple but happy Thanksgiving.

Manic Monday-- a tad late

I know.  Thanksgiving got the best of us.  More on that one in a bit.  Do a short post and then get to pictures next post.  Here goes our week:

  • heart appointment for mom (all good!)
  • speech/OT/PT for five of the kids
  • Bojan was measured for his new liner (running legs are in)
  • Christmas tree is up w/ lights and partially decorated
  • youth group this week
  • Story time this week
  • Little Guy gets his helmet
  • Irina has big appointment at Duke
  • boys working again
  • been selling things we don't need;  buying things we do
  • going to a Christmas event this week
  • Warren & my anniversary
  • searching for a frog hat for Summer-- more on that
Okay, tons more but need to get started on other posts for sure!  See you in a bit.  Promised myself I wouldn't stay up as girls have story time tomorrow morning, therapy and we have youth group in the evening.