Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Working Thanksgiving?

Okay, been reading various feeds on the stores being open Thanksgiving bit.  My take on it and  you probably won't like it.  Here goes.  I've worked retail in the past.  I worked holidays.  I LOVED working holidays.  Why?  It was the chance for me to get paid extra and put it toward my family for Christmas.  We had a choice if we wanted to work Thanksgiving.  And if we did choose to work, we all decided whether we wanted to have the meal early or later in the evening.  Those who wanted an early meal w/ family came in and worked later that afternoon.  Those who wanted an evening meal worked the morning shift.  The atmosphere was friendly, customers always brought a ton of goodies in b/c they felt sorry for you working on the holiday.  People were nicer that day and it was just well, a pleasant work environment.  I worked in the mornings on Thanksgivng, enjoyed  a day at work, came home and had wonderful meal and time with my family.  And got extra perks to boot at work!  Not everyone can take off on holidays.  I don't see folks whining to give police officers or hospital workers the day off.  And when you work one holiday, most places will give you the next holiday off.  I used to always track which of my employees worked which holiday so they'd never pull two holidays in a row.  Some people, like me years ago, actually wanted to work holidays.  BTW, when people are hired in retail, they are told at the beginning what is expected and that they may have to work some holidays.  And on the flipside, some people have limited time with family and they get a kick out of shopping together.  Years ago when I was younger, we had many fun-filled memories shopping with my aunt at the mall, getting something good to eat and sharing laughs.  So yes, I can see BOTH sides. It is nice to stay and be with family.  I think for the most part though, stores give you an option.  At least the ones I worked for did.  And that was multiple stores.  I would think a happy compromise would be, if you want to work, fine.  If not, take the day off.  My two cents worth nothing in today's market.  LOL.  Happy Thanksgving whether you are working or not.  Enjoy it either way. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nik's Creative Side

Nik does a lot of communicating through drawings or what he makes.  He likes it because people can understand what he is saying that way.  That's why Kinex and Legos are pretty much vital in this house. It is his outlet.  If you all ever see any really cheap, please let me know.  He really does use them every day.  So, he has a lot of different things he does to create. 

After Halloween sales brought kits down to $1.80.  So, let Nik and the girls have fun.  This was Nik's monster he created.  Not bad.

So, back to the drawings again.  My little Stephen King.  So, you have a winter picture here.  We are studying winter.  Balls piled up are snowballs.  There is an angry sun waiting to melt everything.  Happy kids w/ the snowman.  Above the snowman is someone w/ a shovel digging into the ground creating a crack.  That in turn makes a cliff to fall on the happy crowd and snowman below.  The house falling on him will make doubly sure it will collapse.  Where does this kid come up with these things?!

Nik loves making amusement park things out of kinex pieces.  So, he created this swing ride.  It works!  Swings around.   Actually, this is rather clever.

Nik built a minecraft man out of kinex.

He loves this thing.  Just tonight, he took this big thing in bed.  Only had a tiny space to sleep in himself.  Warren said you can't sleep like that and picked up his minecraft man.  Well, it started to separate so Warren lifts it up higher and instead, the head gets lopped off w/ the ceiling fan.  He is not a happy camper.  Thankfully, he's super creative and can make it happen tomorrow. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Glue, gum and guts

Trying to find some nifty titles but really not working for me.  Maybe next time.  Going through old pics from this month.  Be prepared for lots of pictures the next few posts. 

Sofie is always into or up to something.  Seriously, she is.  She keeps us on our toes.  This is part of a scarecrow arm.  Glued to the floor of course.

Scarecrow arm though has nothing on the old gum in the hair bit.  Sofie and gum NEVER mix.  Hence, why I don't let her have it.  Instead, she sneaks steals it from her sibs.   Had no other choice but to cut this lovely bit out.  Thankfully, it was at the end.

Max decided one night to practice with Bojan his PT exercises.

Love the expressions on Max's face.  Cracked me up.  One day, we'll get rid of that play pen in the living room.  Really, does nothing for the decor or space for that matter.  Got to love it.  My house drips with the words I have kids for decor.  I tell them all the time when  you all leave the house, my furniture will be white and I'll have a crystal chandelier.  Sure you can guess why.  Dark furniture is not me. 

PT and Potatoes

Well, we do a little therapy in this house every so often.  Actually, a couple times a week.  Bojan is now receiving PT. 

Bojan working with the PT on Saturdays.  He always has an audience in this house.  She is working with him on getting a  better gait, running and learning to ride a bike.  He does exercises all week to help strengthen the muscles as well.  Getting there.  Sofie receives OT and speech, Summer OT & speech and Nik just speech.  We have therapies here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Good thing we love our team!

Some of the sweet potatoes leftover from when they gleaned the fields.

Another batch of them left.  Been trying to get the locals to come on by but they just can't take enough of them.  Taking to a food bank soon if this continues.  I don't want them to go bad.  So locals, come on by and get as many as you want please. 

Manic Monday

Not doing 5 posts tonight but am working on them.  I really am getting back on track for things.  Even thank you cards.  If I forgot  you, working on memory too. LOL.  Today we stayed home to focus on school and 4 of the kids had therapy today.  Tomorrow, also staying home all day.  Playing catch up on school as the kids didn't do any school work on Friday and had impromptu hang out time.  And every once in awhile, that's fine.  So, onto Manic Monday post.

  • No classes this week for homeschoolers (Civil War, Spanish, tae kwon do)
  • Have youth group
  • May go to evening service
  • Tried a new church on Sunday and liked it
  • homeschoolers are getting caught up on some work
  • getting in the groove of organization 
  • Logan finally got that haircut (he finally got tired of growing it out...thank goodness!)
  • dogs need a bath
  • sold a few items this past weekend & cleaned out the shed (looks a ton better in the yard)
  • still have a pile of sweet potatoes to give away to locals
  • need to think of what sports kids are doing in the spring
  • houseguest has some dance performances coming up
  • staying here Thanksgiving
  • LittleGuy has had a rough week sleeping
  • Irina and Max are still working
  • Logan and Alex are going around the neighborhood and have managed to get jobs raking leaves.  Great initiative.
  • making new desserts for Thanksgiving...all Irina
  • need to do some shopping
  • Little Guy gets his helmet this week
  • OT, PT, and speech full force this week
  • Bojan needs his fitting scheduled
  • Irina goes to doc tomorrow
  • think we're about done w/ lawyer paperwork
  • need to make arrangements for court and where everyone will be
  • can't believe Christmas is next month
  • haven't decorated a thing unlike most of America it seems 
  • I have no elf on the shelf (seriously, don't need another thing to do)
more going on but wanted to keep it short as to get to small workout this evening and another post or two.  more to come.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blessings Abound!

Wow, 5th post of the night.  I must be fueled on no sleep and caffeine.  Though it's been an up and down the past few months, we truly have been blessed by not only gifts but great friends as well.  People who are there for us through thick and thin.  Makes a difference in life.  As with any adoption, we have had things break lately.  Like a lot lately. 

So, our vacuum was toast but really couldn't get another one.  Well, happen to get statement in the mail and sure enough, had enough points on it to buy a vacuum!  Huge blessing.

Now that we have a vacuum that sounds normal and not like it's going to explode, the kids want to vacuum all the time.  This is the cleanest this carpet has been in ages.  LOL.  Nothing like a pack and play in the middle of the living room, huh?

A friend brought a big sheet of pizza one day for lunch for us to enjoy.  I babysit her son here and there and her son and our kids get along SO well they always are asking to play together even if I'm not watching him.  Just a great match up.  All our outdoor kids so it works.

Can you tell they were happy to get pizza AND soda?

A friend came by one morning with donuts!  Was quite the sweet treat. 

This was our life a bit ago.  Dishes, dishes, dishes galore.  Our dishwasher had finally broken.

Had locals be on the look out for used ones and a friend called me that day saying she found one for $50!  And, it worked.  Hey, that's important you know.

Course handyman Max was the installer.  Took out the old.  Put in the new.

Yes, it's older, smaller but it is also quieter and it works.  Hoping we can get a year out of it before we buy a new one.  Just was a big blessing and gave us all a greater appreciation for that appliance. 

Nik's Neptunes

As some of you know, Nik has always dreamed of having Neptunes.  It is Advanced Bionics waterproof implants.  Well, the other day, Nik got his wish!

Nik, waiting for it to be switched on and explained to him.  He could hardly contain himself.

Nik, leaving the audiologist's office.  Not letting go of his case.  The cases seem to
get bigger after each model comes out.  LOL.

Nik, posing for the camera.

Nik asked if he could go swimming as soon as we got home.  Umm, no.  Too cold.  So, later that night, we promised him he could get a bath.  He was thrilled.  Absolutely thrilled.  And ignore that clutter filled counter.  Everyone drops everything on that counter.  Drives me insane.

Nik received one Neptune.  And for what we need it for, that is fine.  He is SO happy he can hear when he takes a bath.  He was beaming ear to ear when he told me about how he could hear himself splashing for the first time.  He LOVED it!  It's the little things that make a difference.  He loves listening to the water over his head he told me.  Truly grateful Advanced Bionics made this dream happen for our son. 

My Little Counterfitter

And yes, I know I spelled it wrong.  Nik has been desperately wanting a Minecraft foam sword.  He can't quite have a job yet so it is a tough thing for a kid.  But, that does not stop our son. 

Nik went ahead and made his own stack of money.  Out of construction paper.

And he didn't just go for the small bills either!  Nik truly thought he could go to the store and buy his sword.  Did not help this morning that he received money from church.  JAM (Jesus and Me) dollars that you can spend there.  Of course he does NOT get that he cant' spend it at the store.  Nik to make a stack of pictures of his drawings and make a book.  Have to be a desire for humor in the reading community.  LOL.  He wants to work though which is good.  For now, construction paper money.  Hey, at least he is learning it goes nowhere fast in today's world.

A love lost

This time last year, we had to say goodbye to a child we loved with all our hearts.  To say it was gut wrenching is an understatement.  I can not even begin to describe the pain we felt.  We had just finished a wonderful vacation with her and we were all just happy.  In the adoption world, you never know what will happen until things are final.  Even up until the last second. I will not dwell on what was.  I will say we have never forgotten her.  thought you should know the other side of adoption.  The heartbreak.  The loss.  This was something written last year by my husband.  It is so very true. I questioned whether to post it but feel others need to understand that adoption is not always the happy ending you want it to be.  Sometimes, it is a very broken road.  In adoption, you must accept the good with the bad and the uncertainty.  As hard as it may be.  And trust me, it is hard. 
My mind is clouded with sadness, anger, anguish, and things best left in the dark corner for none to hear.

The loss of such a bright light in one's life, makes the shadows that much harsher.

For, the contrast of the love given, versus the emptiness left, is a bitter edge of pain.

With time, experience teaches the edge is dulled. The shadows retreat. But the glow of the love felt remains.

Goodbye to my youngest. If you forget us, we'll never forget you.

Our Weekend

We have just simply been busy.  Not a bad kind of busy, just hectic and no time to write.  Little Guy has had a few sleepless nights which have made for a tired mom and dad.  But, that won't last forever.  Teaches us patience for sure.  Especially, at three am.  That's when you wish you had someone bring you breakfast in the morning.  LOL.  But, we will survive.  We had a low key weekend for the most part.  Finally, finally made it back to church.  Been a long time.  Little Guy still can not quite handle that though.  He made it half way through service and then I took him out a bit.  Rest of the day we spent just hanging out, decluttering the house.  It was rainy so perfect day for it.  Kids went to youth group this evening.  Irina has been deciding what she wants to make for dessert on Thanksgiving.  We all want something new this go around. 

So, this coming week is Thanksgiving.  Have a bunch of running around to do.  Doc appointments and things of that nature.  Many, many posts coming.  I will catch up this week!  To a point.  So, be ready.  Have a lot to say.  Been busy with lawyer paperwork and medical paperwork.  Takes time.  So, off to post some more stuff.