Friday, September 19, 2014

More Summer Time Fun

Still trying to play catch up on some posts.  We had Civil War History class today and then realtor came over to take some more pictures.  More focus will be on selling this home so we can then settle in a new location. Not sure what we're doing this evening.  We'll see. 

A local church puts on a community festival every year.  It is wonderful.  Not very big and for some of our kids, that is just right. Summer strutting her stuff.

Nik getting his chance at riding the horse.  He too could ride all day.

I was shocked that Sofie wanted nothing to do with the horse.  Donkey, yes, horse, no.

This is Sofie not wanting to do the cake walk.  In addition, we are having her have trouble w/ this sort of thing lately.  Not wanting to participate in public.  Not sure why.  Same thing happens when we go to story time.

Summer and Nik enjoying a snow cone.  Really was a super hot, sweaty day.

Alex trying to cool off.  Not many pics of Alex and Bojan and the older ones as they went around separately.  

Future firefighter?  They thought the bell ringing was cool.

Summer clearly loved it!

Bojan kept feeding Little Guy the mini donuts they had to offer.  I said how many did he eat?  He said the whole bag.  Hmm, next time, tell older son to put a limit on what his brother may eat.  LOL.  Nik showing off some of his prizes.  It was a nice little carnival and we had a good time.  Didn't stay that long but was pleasant for sure. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blessings Abound!

There have been so many blessings lately.  Truly, there have and too many to list.  From friends simply lending an ear to friends taking the kids to enjoy a day out.  We have the most amazing friends here that understand our family dynamics and our children.

A friend recently brought a variety of bread over  which was really sweet of her to do.  As you can imagine, bread typically gets eaten rather quickly in this house. 

Last week, Ms. Cathy brought over some of her delicious creations.  Just tons of food.

Pasta with meatballs, homemade soup, homemade cookies and garlic bread.  All eaten and all truly enjoyed.  Nik is ready to dig in in this picture.  

Now, just this week, even more blessings.  A friend of a friend had given us everything needed to start cloth diapering.  Since Little Guy will be in diapers for quite some time, this will help keep costs down.  The other day I had posted on FB about Alex and Logan needing shoes.  Okay, so let me explain that one first.  They did NOT tell us their shoes were getting too small or worn out.  Assumed w/ the piles up there, they were fine.  Other day, they came saying they had no shoes that fit them.  They said I threw out their sneakers. I did, they were totally worn out.  However, I did not know the rest of the shoes didn't fit them!  Literally left w/ one pair.  It was crazy.  They still have that orphanage mentality ingrained in them not to say when things are too small or what have you.  Hence, why every season I do a check of what fits.  I hadn't gotten around to doing all the shoes yet.  Anyhow, a friend of mine told me to meet  her at Shoe Carnival.  Bought both the boys new shoes!  In addition, came home to a bag full of more sneakers.  Huge blessing.  Told them next time they best tell me.  Shoot, those feet should be about done growing at this point.  I remember one year one of my girls never told me their shoes were getting too tight.  And mind you, this was in a matter of a 2 month time period.  They grew from size 3 to size 5!  

Just nice to have understanding friends and even friends from afar step in and help from time to time.  Can't wait to pay it forward one of these days. 

Sundaes, sorting and Shaun the Sheep

Okay, so that title is a bit better than Wednesday.  LOL.  Told you, lots to catch up on so be prepared.  I'm on a roll again. 

 The other night, we decided to surprise the kids with ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Had some free coupons so that was even more of a motivator.  Got there and the line was wrapped around outside.  

We decided to go to Wally World and get stuff to make our own sundes with.  Kids were just as happy as if they went to Dairy Queen.  Had some awesome sundaes, watched a movie and just chilled on the couch together for the evening.  Was relaxing and just nice.

So, we hate this.  The corner cabinet always gets a mess w/ the tupperware type stuff.  Like a never ending abyss in that cabinet.  Irina and Reni volunteered to clean it out together.  They did a wonderful job too.  And yes, it's starting to already get a mess again.  

The other day the kids wanted to make Shaun the Sheep.  So got some cotton balls out.  Well, Nik did.  

Sofie got in on the action as well.  Made her own drawing.

My kids watch this and Timmy Time all the time.  They LOVE Shaun the Sheep.  I have been trying to see if anywhere there is Shaun the Sheep toys or such.  I know it is a British Show and maybe that's why I'm having trouble finding some things.  If you come across any, do let me know.  I think Nik did a great likeness of him. A sign he is clearly watching it too much.  LOL.  Even Little Guy likes it now.  How crazy is that?! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I know, not a fancy title or even catchy.  Oh well.  Not in the mood.  I told the kids this morning I'm done.  They were not listening to the lessons, doing work, etc.  I  said I quite, fend for yourselves on school work.  They'll be a test on Friday.  Whoever doesn't pass, doesn't do activities on Saturday.  They looked mortified I would suggest such a thing.  You should have seen them try to figure out which history section we were on.  Hey, sometimes you just do what you have to do.  Got through our morning. 

Speech therapist came for Summer, Sofie and Nik.  All are really improving.  You can actually understand Sofie now!  IT's awesome.  Boys had Tae Kwon Do for hte first time this evening.  Loved it!  Just had an awesome time and glad they are taking it.  Tomorrow, houseguest has dance.  Rest of the day, we'll try to catch up on some school.  Friday they have Civil War class and that evening, we are going to go see Max's art exhibit.  Saturday may go to the bug fest downtown.  Undecided yet on that one.  However, we are going to the farm to visit a dear friend.  Can't wait.  Been keeping busy.  Still trying to catch up on some posts.  Getting there bit by bit.  More to come and pictures too. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Massive rain and masks

The other week we had torrential down pours here.  It was insane!  Our creek by our house had rushing water like I'd never seen before.  Was unreal.  Even the dog refused to go outside!  Almost hurricane rain but not quite.  Not enough wind.  Hey, live here long enough and been through a few Cat 3 & 4 hurricanes and you can tell a difference.  Still, it was raining hard.

 Now, I know you can't see it, but when it rains really hard there is a beautiful waterfall that happens in the woods.  Gorgeous in person.  I can never quite capture it when it rains though.  You have to go into the woods and look.  Nice little secret place b/c when you go, you don't get wet.  Nature at its best.  The creek was really full and rushing on by as you can tell from the picture.

Even the pool was overflowing.  And this wasn't at the end of the storm even.

Summer decided to make a Dora mask.  So glad Dora doesn't look like this!

Nik make his own kind of freaky mask.  Sofie made one too.  However, since she didn't have glasses to hold it on and couldn't figure it out, I caught her trying to glue it to her face.  Yes, real glue.  Stopped her and then Nik helped her make a paper strap for it.  Hey, better than glue. 

Little Guy's Birthday

I know I can't say a whole lot.  I will say this.  Our youngest son had a birthday this past week.  Had to keep things low key so just the family there to sing and eat cupcakes. Bitter sweet because I know I'll never have this age in my house again.  He is our last, our baby.  And as you know, any time your baby has a birthday, you feel like their aging ten years.  If you only knew how much this young one has accomplished the last few months here.  Been incredible to watch. Yes, definitely hard times mixed with the good times but that just makes the growth that much more exciting.  We decided to make cupcakes.  We were going to do a caterpillar but ran out of time and frankly, he doesn't care as long as they taste good. 

 It was getting late so we kept it simple and bright.  And some plain for those that hate icing. 

Some blue with sprinkles.  Nothing fancy for sure.  Just cupcakes w/ homemade butter cream icing.

 Sofie was thrilled I like her lick the spatula.  Umm, thinking mistake in the making!

After Little Guy ate the cupcake, playing was just too tempting to resist.  He ate it all on his own and it showed on his face.  LOL.  Truly enjoyed eating his birthday cupcake.

Picture with camera hog and of course he was ecstatic we had his favorite  

Great day.  That morning we had been in line and got him one of those little finding nemo balloons on a stick.  He is still playing with it today!  Loves it.  Was just sweet and so happy we could spend the day with him.  Can't wait to show you pictures one day and many more to come!  Happy Birthday Little Guy.  We love you! 

Alyona's Appointment-- lots to say

Okay, so Alyona had her scoliosis follow up appointment at Duke.  Hasn't been quite a year yet.  Doing fantastic and still straight!  That being said, the arm still has what we all thought was a cyst on it.  Ganglion cyst.  Well, after a little light trick, doc thinks it is a tumor, not a cyst but is also not concerned.  Said we can get the surgery any time.  Surgery is only about an hour and in a cast for three weeks.  compared to surgeries past, this is a cake walk.  So, as soon as Little Guy's medical issues are taken care of, the surgery will come for Alyona.  Doc agrees.  This is not a necessary surgery but since we're wrapping it everyday and it is bothering her, we all agreed better to take it out.  Doc stressed no rush like her others were.  Hence, why we're taking care of her brother first.  So, all in all, great news from Duke regarding Alyona's surgery from last year.  She is to be followed two years after surgery and then will be cleared.  Hasn't even been a year yet. 

Now, while there, we had some of the ortho team take a look at Little Guy.  You know, off the cuff.  Actually, they came to us and said "who's the new one?"  Since he has an appointment in two weeks anyhow, we got to talking.  The nurse made sure we were being seen on a clinic day as PT thinks he'll benefit from a walker.  And, if he needs AFO's, we can do it while there possibly though I'd prefer we stick to our guy that Bojan goes to already.  Not that Duke can't do it but convenience wise, it is just easier on us being closer.  Our doc also had a few things to say about his syndrome.  He will always indeed be on the skinny side.  That is normal.  His kyphosis scoliosis we'll get checked out too but at the moment, is not as bad as what it could be.  Our doc also already put in a genetic consult request and will speak w/ doc personally he said.  He has one other patient w/ this syndrome.  A rare one so not writing it on here as of yet due to identifying info and pending adoption status.  I just have to say I was pleased that everyone there was willing to go above and beyond to help our son.  They also know neurosurgery is going to be a must, not just neurology.  We had a feeling.  I am just very pleased that things are moving along and we'll have answers to a few questions in the next few weeks. 

We then went to pick up Max who hung out w/ a friend all weekend at his place.  Max also got to go to one of the local colleges and attend an architechtural class to see if he was interested in it.  Nice they let him go and only 7 students in that class!  Unreal.  Max enjoyed it and expressed an interest in going to school now so looking into things at the moment.  For now, he is working and doing his art.  So, busy day for us.  Tomorrow is Spanish class for some of the kids.  Rest of the day, school.  More posts to come.  Getting there. 

Manic Monday

Our week is starting off as normal as can be expected.  Kids are feeling the fall weather and already talking about camping!  Can't wait. 

  • had hot cocoa for breakfast today 
  • we're in the fall weather mood around here
  • kids are doing school
  • Alyona has doc appointment this afternoon at Duke
  • Bojan joined the chess club and works in the library
  • finally got our homeschool schedule more down pat
  • cancelled Little Guy's dental appointment
  • Spanish is this week
  • Civil War class is this week
  • boys start Tae Kwon Do this week
  • Houseguest has dance this week
  • talk like a pirate day on Friday so may just have to go to Krispy Kreme :)
  • need to mail off adoption paperwork
  • ready for adoptions to be finalized
  • need to order pics
  • PPR needs to be scheduled
  • need to paint boys' room trim
  • need to call eye doc as appts. were cancelled last week URGHH
  • kids are really actually doing their school work
  • determined to have Nik really reading this year
  • house was cleaned yesterday.  Today, not so much.
  • Max hung out w/ a friend all weekend.  Exploring college life option as well.
  • organizing closets to see what kids are in need of for the fall/ winter
  • Digby has a huge lump on the side of him.  I think it's gotten bigger.  Before vet said cyst.  
  • closing our pool soon for the season
  • may go to bug fest this weekend at museums
  • going to make a fire pit out of an old washing machine drum.  Well, Max is.  Pinterest
More going on in Chaos Manor.  I'll write later today about how Alyona's doc appointment went at Duke.  I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, doc will take a look at Little Guy while we're there or at least give us some tips.  He goes to see this same doc but not till October.  Would love an off cuff assessment until that time.  Pointers and things.  AFO's, walker, wheelchair, surgery, etc.  What might we be looking at possibly.  We'll see.  Anyhow, lots more to do right now so signing off for nmow and be back later.  Going to be a full week but windows are open so we're great!