Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick thing

I know I haven't posted all week.  TONS happening around Chaos Manor.  But the main thing was we had a very sick little boy and he was top priority to get better.  Fever is finally gone today after having one since Sunday.  Doc said ear infection but we truly think there was much, much mroe to it than that.  Little Guy is still not himself.  There have been quite a few sleepless nights. The kids have been wonderful at helping out where needed.  I think this is a turn around day.  No fever, must get better from here, right?  Tomorrow, getting things done as usual.  Kids want to go to the park this weekend so we will.  We were going to go to museums but kids want to save it for the fall and homeschool.  I will post more later for sure but wanted to let everyone know I haven't fallen off the earth here.  Thanks.