Friday, July 25, 2014

Time for a Dip

Yes, I am well aware I have been off line this week.  It was the last week of school and to say we were busy with awards, ceremonies, end of year parties, graduations, etc. was an understatement.  Super duper busy.  For now, just doing a quick post on the pool.  finally a brand new liner and finally ready for a swim.  Kids were bugging me like crazy.  Once skimmer was up and running, I let them go in. 

And well, I started this awhile back in June as you can see.  Oh well, let me find some pool pics and just go from there.  Kids have been enjoying the pool as well as some of their friends.  New liner looks great and well, water is crystal clear.

Nik, enjoying some time in the sun and the water.

Reni, blowing up a raft.  We go to end of season clearance and stock up each year.  Only buy when 75% to 90% off.  They go through pool toys like water so have to do it that way.

Summer letting me know she loves me.  And just relaxing.

Reni in a float again.  This time, she didn't have to blow it up.

Ahh, the rare teenage son caught on camera.  Alex.

Summer and Nik doing what they do best.  Hard to believe they haven't known each other forever.  2 countries across the ocean and they end up together like this.  Who'd have thought it?

Alex helping get Little Guy's float ready.  We need one with a canopy.  Searching for one.  Doesn't the water look so inviting though?

What pool would be complete without a kid lounger?  Found it on a local yard sale site and Sofie and Summer love it.  Too cute for it too.  

Sorry not all kids are shown.  It is hard b/c older kids and house guest are usually together.  Soon enough though.  For now, just know all the kids and their friends are indeed having a good time with the pool this summer.  Even Little Guy is loving it.  This weekend is another hot weekend so we are ready.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 9 (heading home)

After some of the kids slept under the stars and we had a big breakfast, it was time to hit the road for the long drive home.  7 hours. 

And as is typical on these trips, the older kids seem to want to sleep the whole way and the younger ones just want to giggle the whole time.  Drives me nuts.  But, we made it home safe and sound and that's what counts.  We did have a wonderful vacation overall without too many incidents.  For the most part, they all seemed to get along.  Though it was threatened to come home more than once.  LOL.  Now, we will begin our planning for next year's vacation.  We intend to go back to the reunion for sure.  Though, we may explore a new state or two this time.  Our next RV trip is a Halloween trip in October.  Though, we may be throwing in a September trip too.  Not sure yet.  So, October and November, there will be more trips.  And the spring.  We love the campgrounds.  Wished we had a travel trailer to be sure but the RV brings us closer if nothing else.  We'll finish our inside paint job and finally get those cushions sewn.  New dinette cushions for the little dinette is next but need to first sew the new ones.  But, we made it work this time.  The RV trips are our getaways.  We love to learn new things or experience new things.  Whether from a riverboat cruise, bison farm, cave exploring, skipping stones in Lake Erie, amusement park, water park or what have you, we like to try at least something new and different each time.   I know we don't stay at fancy hotels and our RV is probably classified as an antique soon, but it allows us to travel and for that, we are very grateful.  Making memories.  Pray we can continue to do so.  I think for Christmas we're asking for gas cards.  Thanks for allowing me to share our trip this year.  Now, to catch you up on all the happenings around Chaos Manor.  Been incredible!  Got home on a Friday and on Monday, we got a call to make big plans to leave on that Tuesday.  Talk about a whirlwind.  Much more to come.

Summer Vacation-- Day 8 part 3 (WVA water fun!)

We made it to WVA after the bison farm.  We unpacked and kids and I went down to the pond area they have to swim.  So much stinking fun!  All must wear a life jacket.  Dock you can jump off of, blow up stuff, giant trampoline, etc.  Good, water fun.  All of us and one other in the water.  Perfect.  After a long drive, was just pleasant. 

 Alex checking to see who he had beat up the slide. 

Logan in action.

Summer and Sofie were afraid to go down this mini slide.  Irina was kind enough to demonstrate for them.

Alex coming down, other kids going up.

Logan, thinking if he'll do a back flip this time or not.

Sofie, growing up before my eyes.

Love how they help each other.  Bojan has incredible arm strength for obvious reasons.

Blurry but cute of Nik jumping off.

Giant trampoline.  Course they had fun on this thing as well.  Half the battle is getting up there.

Nik helping Summer go on one of the inflatables.  They really do help each other when needed.  Trips do a lot for my kids.  Wish we could take more!

Nik and another jump.  He never tires of doing this.  He, Logan and Alex were jumping off this thing over and over again.

Rinse off time.  Bojan in the background putting his legs on.

Summer does everything with finess and style.  Even rinsing off her feet.

On the way back, Summer caught a lightening bug.  So much better than catching it in our own yard.  LOL.  Came back to the RV, had a nice dinner and dessert and it was off to bed.  Some of the kids since we were still sans tent and sleeping bags, decided to sleep under the stars that night.  Was fantastic! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 8-- part 2 (Bison Farm)

We left the campgrounds and headed still in PA, to a Bison Farm.   We like to try and learn at least one new thing when we go on trips.  Weather glass blowing or bison farm or what have you, feel it's important to always either try or learn something new.   Okay, not sure why pics got all mixed up but they did. 

Sign showing us where to go.  Really was beautiful.

What Sofie thought of the smell of this farm.

Bojan, Logan and Reni walking up the path.  The bison in the background are not that old.  Small compared to how big they truly get.

Lunch time after learning about the meat we're about to eat.  I thought the bison burgers were not all that great.  However, the bison hot dogs were the best thing I'd ever tasted!  Definitely not a hot dog taste.  Bison meat for those that don't know is very healthy for you.  Just too expensive for us to purchase, that's for sure.

Another shot of some of us eating lunch.  Was delicious and a great way to break up travel.

One of the bison the guy can actually pet since she was bottle fed when little.

Sign in front of the building.  Cute.

Our guide that also showed us how big the bison are before going out to see them.

Listening intently to information given all while resisting the urge to visit the gift shop they were standing in.  LOL.  We all had a very good time and it was a pleasant day out too.  After this, we were full, ready to roll and on our way to WVA for some fun in the water and a relaxing evening.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 8 (picture time and headed south) Part 1

Well, next day was time to depart.  Before we left though, I wanted to get some family pics on the log I found the day before.  What was awesome was our campground neighbors offered to take our pics!  Very sweet of them to do.  So, early up to go take pics across the street.

Summer posing for the camera.

Yana and Reni.  This is blackmail for when they are fighting later.

Perfect for Karate Kid practice.

Logan's turn.

Bojan was trying so hard to get on this log.  Just a little too much to handle this go around.

Nik trying to get his balance.  They really did have a good time with this log and imitating the movie.

Playing in the sand one last time before having to leave and head to WVA.

Did manage to get her to sit still one last time for a photo op.

Sofie and Summer got matching dresses.  White.  Umm, yes, that was a dumb idea on my part.  This is the last white you'll see.  They are my girlie girls and I love it.  Wish I had more to be able to spend on their wardrobe but every once in awhile, I splurge on them.

Nik with his drawing in the sand.  Not sue what it's supposed to be.  Warren talking to the folks that took our pictures.  The family one was nice. Houseguest is in it so it will have to wait.  But great to have us all in there even if a casual picture.

The thinker.  Never ask a teenage boy what they're thinking about.  You never know what answer you'll get!  LOL.

Us, heading back to the RV as it was time to hit the road once again.  We had a great time at Lake Erie despite the weather.  WVA here we come!  Bison farm stop first.

Manic Monday

Weekend gone already.  But, time to move onto a fresh week.  Here goes. 

  • Houseguest and Yana have hearing tests tomorrow
  • Nik has audiology on Wednesday
  • Babysitting this week
  • Irina has temporary job of babysitting a few days a week
  • Irina job hunting some more
  • Yana works at McDonalds this week
  • Yana looking into buying a moped
  • Bojan working at prosthetist this week possibly
  • Bojan's leg feeling better
  • 2 high schoolers need schedule changes
  • One high schooler needs to be withdrawn from school so he can finish ONE class
  • Max is job hunting as well
  • Getting things done around the house
  • Having house showings but everyone says it's too big or as they put it 'too much house'
  • Digby needs a bath
  • Making appointments for Little Guy
  • Deciding on homeschooling stuff
  • Elementary and middle schoolers will be homeschooled this year
  • Making a list of items we could use (folks have asked to help)
  • Little Guy continues to adjust and make strides
  • Girls have been practicing hair
  • Need to organize clothes and such this week
  • Pool is gorgeous this year
  • Need to get back into exercising
  • Deciding on fall sports for the kids
  • Warren's tire getting fixed today
  • Speech therapy can resume as insurance is now finally figured out
  • Getting tired of very lazy teens...fixing that problem TODAY with new rules
  • Trying to save money on some things
  • Waiting for the house to sell
And more to this list but need to get things done.  Well, started this earlier today and life happens.  

Summer Vacation-- Day 7 part 2

After pizza we headed back to the RV to just settle in a bit and then decide what to do next.  We decided we should walk on the beach, go to the concert, and come back for Alyona's cake.  Yep, our friend Kelley even brought birthday cake for Alyona and us to enjoy!  How awesome is that?!

First stop at the beach was to learn how to skip stones.  Max could get 9 skips!  Girls and I weren't so lucky.

Summer just is a fish.  She loves the water.  We didn't bring our suits to the concert so clothes it was.  

Nik, Summer and Sofie trying to decide if they're giong to jump waves.

Time for a concert!  Music was just right, not a huge crowd, awesome weather, beautiful sunset, just perfect.  Good time with friends and family.  Can't beat it.

Alex even went in.  I know I don't have many pics of the teens but they hung out w/ house guest a lot obviously and just can't show them together quite yet.

Nothing like seeing the sunset on Lake Erie.  Gorgeous.

Pictures truly don't do it justice.

On the way back, we buried our friend in the sand.  Then, an impromptu funeral held by Max for the dead fish on the beach.  And yep, they participated and had a ulogy.  Interesting.

Went back to the campground and had cake that Ms. Kelley had brought for Alyona's birthday.  Too sweet of her.  Was wonderful.  We all sang happy birthday and had some delicious cake.

After cake, we came inside.  Well, adults stayed outside for the most part to chat.  The young man visiting us who also went to the reunion, taught Bojan some chess!  Ever since, Bojan is hooked.  How awesome is that?!

We thoroughly had a good time and wished they could have stayed longer.  Though our kids think we live closer.  LOL.  Was time to go to sleep and get up early to travel to WVA the next day.  Day 8 coming tomorrow.