Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Vacation-- day 7 (Visits with Friends)-- part 1

We were ready to make Wednesday a new day at Lake Erie.  We were so ready to see the sunshine again.  That morning we had a little more rain.  However, shortly thereafter, the clouds dispersed.  A release after being what seemed like a trap inside.  In addition, my friend from high school and her mom were going to come and visit.  I do not have pics from that visit as we were truly visiting and just enjoying it.  She and her mom were kind enough to bring brownies and rice krispie treats that were devoured in minutes.  Literally.  They were just what we needed after such gloominess of being stuck inside in the rain.  Visit was short and kids were coming down off of being trapped inside for 2 days pretty much.  After she left, a friend and her son from the Bulgarian Reunion stopped by and we had a wonderful time hanging out, going out for pizza, and then onto a beach music concert.  

OMG, the kids had so much fun with this thing.  Funny faces and all.

Was a cute old fashioned restaurant they had with old props.

Really, having a bit too much fun.

Even caught a glimpse of Max in this one.

Some of the kids hanging out and waiting for the pizza to arrive.  What was cool was the owners of this restaurant were Bulgarian and Armenian.

Yeh, no one could smile at the same time.  Houseguest was hiding behind Irina.  LOL.  

I can always count on Summer for smiles and faces.  Pizza was absolutely delicious.  Course, felt just awesome to get out of that RV after being inside for so long.  Really does make you appreciate fresh air and sunshine.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 6 part 2

We went to the environmental center and really did have a good time those of us that went.  Came back and well, the mood change as did the weather.  We were in for some strong storms.  Understatement of the year. 

 This is only part of the rain we got.  More came.  Flooded the campgrounds.  Literally.  And the entire tent set up.

This was during the break in the storm.  We lost ALL the pillows, some mats that were pourous, and of course ALL clothing was soaked.  So, threw away mats and pillows as they would have molded even once dried.  Sucked!  Mattresses were also toast.  We were all bummed and this was an expensive deal.  Since everythings was floating, all people in the tent had to move indoors.  Pic was taken during a break in the storms. 

Time to wash off the water with more water of course.

That big dinette in the back comes in very handy now.  Snack before the chicken was ready.  

Bojan, with some nice handy work.  Hey, lots of improvising while on the road.  Makes them think.

Magic.  Shoes repaired.  Nik really does need a supply of flip flops in the summer. He goes through them like water.

At least Nik was having fun with the camera.  Every ounce of space was being used.  Oh, how some days we wished we had a big bus for travel.  LOL.

Umm, do you think the stress was getting to everyone after ALL 14 of us were stuck in here?  Tensions were running high at some points.  Faired well for the most part but this was truly a test of patience to be sure.

 Alyona took it well about sleeping on the dinette with Summer.  On this pic you really can tell the unfinished paint job we did. 

Summer and Sofie killing time by coloring while looking at the rain.  Some of this is actually from Wednesday morning.

And remember that dead fish?  Well, apparently when they went back, some of the teens, Reni went with them.  This was from yesterday.  I said I wonder why Reni is so sick and no one else is?  Bojan pipes up and says "Mom, maybe it was from that dead fish she was playing with.  She never did wash her hands afterwards."  Nice.  Real nice.  No one else was sick.  So yes, most likely the dead fish.  I couldn't bear to go to an amusement park and not take her.  So, it's all for one and one for all.  Promised the kids we'd go sometime later this summer.  Regretting saying that as tickets for this park were sundown prices and I haven't been able to find that anywhere else lately.  They all took the news well that the amusement park was not going to happen this go around. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Vacation Day 6 (plans change folks!) -- part 1

Well, this will be a turn of events kind of day.  And not for the best, that's for sure.  Though, most pics I got were on the ipad.  Onto pictures.  They always tell stories better than I do anywhow.  Plus, quicker since I need to read over my homestudy this evening.  Here goes.

Make my kids' day?  By feeding them donuts and bananas for breakfast.  Yep,s ure did.  Notice the nice table cover wadded up on the ground?  That's so we can leave tables nice like they found them.  Instead, my kids took it off and low and behold, in true Sofie fashion, she spilled her drink.  We bring sippy cups but it was being washed.  All at the table denied taking off said tablecloth btw.

Yumm, time to eat.  Weather was the morning.

All you Pinterest folks who pinned this stupid idea, no, it does not work. Save the limes for your drinks folks and the cloves for Christmas time.  LOL.  Does not repell the bugs.

Those 3 people in the background were literally the ONLY three people in the entire lake!

After breakfast, I took a few of the kids to the Lake to see it.  Even I stepped in that ice water.  Truly, I think ice water is warmer than that lake.

Summer jumping the waves.  

After coming back from the beach and having lunch, Warren and I decided to take a few of the kids to a nature center.  Not all kids were at the RV so took some.  If our kids leave the RV,  they must go in a group.  Yes, even the older ones.  Well, Sofie got a bit tired on the way so poor Warren was carrying her most the way up to the center.

And very cool place if you ever are at Lake Erie.  Really enjoyed it.  And, it's FREE.  And air conditioned.  After walking in the summer heat, it is heaven on earth.  LOL.

Sofie and Summer trying a few things out.

Even Irina tried her hand at learning a few things.

Alyona bird watching.

Look at that view. That is the amusement park in the distance across the street.

Love how Logan was helping Nik take a look.

I have more pics and one really good one that has houseguest in it.  However, limited as you know for now on pictures.  So, one of us trying to get ready for a picture.

Yeh, Summer is pretty much always ready for a picture.

Some more of the goofballs.  After this, we headed back.  Then, a shift in clouds and wait to hear what happens next.  More to come.

Summer Vacation-- Day 5 (onto Lake Erie!)

It was sadly time to leave Ohio.  Got up and left as it was a five hour drive ahead of us.  And in the RV, time seems to go more slowly.  We got lost. More than once.  Finally found our barrings and stopped off at the local Walmart for supplies.  With a long trip, we can only take so much food.   Mid-way through a long trip, we take a detailed list in and buy supplies/ food.  Otherwise, you'd spend a fortune.  Way we keep costs down on these trips.  Would have been fine too had Irina not practically screamed it's not chocolate Mom, it's POOP!!"  She was referring to Sofie who umm, well, accidents happen, even on trips.  Just par for the course.  Just wished it wasn't in Walmart.  Almost every kid in America has one of those stories.  Well, this is hers.  Years from now, thank goodness, it will be forgotten. 

We arrived late in the day and knew we would. Drove through all sorts of storms to get there after wally World.  So, got the RV set up as usual and campsite and then went exploring a bit on the lake.  

You will find out soon enough why this stupid dead fish is important.  

Was yucky weather that night so we ended up just having salad and potato salad for dinner.  And well, munchies and a movie.   Kept it simply on Monday just settling in.  Time to hit the hay and then go to the beach the next day.  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 4 (last day of Bulgarian Reunion)

After a night of such good times, it was coming time to say good bye to folks.  Always tough to do. 

Morning we had breakfast and everyone cleaned up the rental tent and put away food.  Nik had the circle to ride so loved it.  Is always hard to say goodbye to people who you are truly close to.  This is NOT just a Bulgarian Reunion. I know that is the title but we're all more like family.  Many adoptees from various countries.  Great experience for adoptees and non-adoptees.

Some families, like us, opt to stay one more day before travelling again.  Well, a few of us families headed to the splash park again.

I swear Nik could stay in the water for hours if you let him.  Actually, he has and we do at home.

Love this picture of Summer with the popsicle.  Just represents the season for sure.

These two were inseperable during the entire reunion and beyond.  He is also deaf and him and Nik were best of buds instantly.  Was so much fun to watch Nik interact.  A rarity seen in Nik.  They rode bikes the whole time, watched movies in the RV, hung out, etc.  Going to Skype them soon.  His family recently moved.

Sofie getting tired.   Can you tell?  She loves ice cream as well.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?!  She loves anything with sugar.  LOL.

Sofie as a result of the Bulgarian Reunion.  She was beat.  

Summer just hanging out.  Love this campground in Ohio.  Beautiful place Winton Woods is.  My kids ripstick all day long.  Literally.  Really wish we had another ripstick.  Hoping to find one one day at a yardsale.  my kids just LOVE them.  

And bike riding is a hit too.  We have to borrow bikes as there is no way we could feasibly take all our bikes with us.  

Max even tried the ripstick out for awhile.  I mean we go all night long w/ activities.  

The last day was awesome.  We spent it with some dear friends whom we hope we will have Thanksgiving with.  They too have ten kids so makes for some interesting conversation.  We all combined our lunches and food and ate together that last day.  Sunday.  In addition, went to the splash park again and hung out with a few other families in the evening just talking.  Kids had a blast together.  Was just simply refreshing to go.  We need this every year.  We really do.

Manic Monday

Oh SO MUCH to share with everyone.  I'm working on all sorts of blog posts and trying to maintain sanity in the meantime at home.  It is summer break you know but that by no means that we go on a break.  LOL.  Tons going on as usual.  So, will be promising to do at least two to three blog posts a night simply as a way to catch up and more for me than anything.  I hate half started stuff and it is half started.  One of those pet peeves of mine.  So, here is the first of 3 today.  Simply Manic Monday post but you'll see why shortly how busy we have been.

  • Alex has neuro appt. today
  • Thinking of switching meds on two kids
  • Houseguest and Reni have volleyball this week
  • I'm babysitting for a friend for the week
  • Pool looks fantastic
  • Having watermelon and hot dogs for lunch
  • Logan and a friend are painting the boys' room a more neutral color
  • Need to fax more paperwork
  • I have some hardworking kids
  • I have some VERY lazy kids that are ticking me off right now (& no, it's NOT the younger ones!)
  • Max needs to get his license
  • Max is looking for a job
  • Yana is still working
  • Irina is job hunting
  • Bojan is going to start interning with his prosthetist
  • Bojan wants to work
  • We really need another car
  • Getting a wish list together as requested
  • Lots of organizing again this week
  • House selling is going slow but we really found two we like when this one sells
  • Alaska got a bath.  Digby still needs one
  • Little Guy has doc appointment this week
  • Friends coming over all week this week
  • Behind on blog posts
  • Looking for a weighted blanket
  • Forgot how expensive diapers and wipes are :)
  • Garden is doing okay for what we did but we really need a much bigger garden for us
  • Going to make our own pizza dough this week
  • Trying to figure out homeschooling for next year
  • Trying to figure out sports for next year
  • Was going to do VBS this week but not sure 
  • Getting into learning more about essential oils and how to use them
  • Going to Jordan Lake this weekend
  • Storming outside now
  • RV needs inspecting
And more than all that.  Too long to write boring stuff.  Back to pictures tonight.