Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Day 3 (Day 2 in Ohio)

After a long night of fun for everyone, it was time to wake up and go get some breakfast.  There were games planned for the day, a visit to a splash park, a pot luck, dinner and just fellowship with so many other families.  And a sunny day to boot.  Sorry pics are sparse but can't show houseguest and also can't show the other kids at the reunion.  Trouble is, all are friends so hard to get shots w/ out others in it.  LOL. 

Irina and Summer at the shaving cream station.  Kids loved this for sure.

 Nik seeing how high up he can get the shaving cream. 

Yana in the hula hoop contest.  She lasted a very long time.  Know it was over 5 minutes if I recall.

Nik getting ready to start one of the race games.

Alyona being, well, Alyona.  

Tree of Life sponsored ice cream cones at the splash park this year.  Huge hit!  Adults too!  Delicious ice cream to boot.  I had carmel.  This was cotton candy I think for Summer.

Nik at the playground.  Someone threw up at the splash park so it was shut down for clean up for thirty minutes.

Sofie getting ready to make her move.

After all that playing, we needed a cool break.  In the RV for the movie Frozen.  Nik's friend came to watch as well.  We had kids in and out of our RV most the time there.  This was before we went to the potluck dinner that evening.  This was all Saturday's festivities.  

Logan had a long day.  Can you tell?  Teens all hung out together for the most part.  Lots of dancing going on.  DJ of sorts this year.  Well, out of one of the cars but the teens all didn't mind. They were teaching all kinds of dances and just lots of laughter.  Was nice.  Oh, and glow sticks for any age are always a hit.  And let's not forget glow in the dark bubbles.  Just a lot of fun going on.  Adults chit chatting too.  Pleasant evening.  We all had a great time that Saturday.  Next day is Sunday. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Vacation-- arriving in Ohio

And we left WVA and were off to Ohio for the annual Bulgarian Reunion!  It is not just a reunion.  It is a family.  We speak all year, many of us online and in person.  We visit when we can.  Our kids have formed close bonds.  It is wonderful.  If you haven't gone, you need to go.  Next year is the 5th Bulgarian Reunion.

Nik hit is off with another friend of his that also happens to be deaf.  The two of them were inseperable the entire weekend.  Was wonderful to see.  

We arrived and storms came in but that wasn't going to stop the fun.  Nik trying to catch raindrops.

Bojan being goofy with his hair.  Told him he needed to go back a few decades.

Sofie with her rose from the magic show.  The kids enjoyed that little show.  So many activities for the kids to do at the reunion.

Sofie indulging in icecream.  We had an ice cream social that evening.  Yum.  Great way to get to know folks and that was only day one.  You have people thinking about adopting, some in process and some home.  Great mix of folks.  Lots of teens there too.  This was all day one there.  A Friday.  Next morning was breakfast and a fun filled day of games and a trip to the splash park. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Vacation-- Getting there, 1st leg of trip

A few weeks back, we went on our annual summer vacation.  This year, we had twelve kids with us.  House guest went with us too.  She was introduce to life on the road with the bunch from Chaos Manor.  Fit right in.  LOL.  All in all, good trip.  Weather was not kind to us for two of the days but in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal.  Though, we did have to throw away pillows.  Campsite flooded.  Explain later.  I know I have not been online for awhile and good reason for that.  For now, need to catch you all up.  And, pictures may be sparse as house guest was with us but I can not show her in photos yet.  So, here we go.  We left in June for a 9 day vacation.  Longest we have ever done one.  We were at more than one point questioning our sanity of that idea. 

So, you know the week before we had major RV issues we had to solve and fast.  Went in  the shop unexpectedly, hence delaying when we were getting it back.  We had to transform the back of the RV to seat more people.  Made a huge u-shaped dinette.  Did not come w/ cushions.  So, my friend and I scramble the day before we leave to go to a fabric outlet to pick up foam and material.   1:30 in the morning and my sister in law is still sewing cushion covers!  My friend was over really late hours as well helping.  It was chaos.  But, great team work. It was a temporary fix till we can sew them on tight and correctly.  The dinette above is down.  Then, cushions cover to make it a bed. 

Car seats in, Alex already asleep.  Off on the first 7 hour leg of our trip.  

Get to WVA and time to get everything set up.  These young men have it down to a science and takes them no time flat to get RV set up AND the tent.

And this is where we discovered someone forgot to pack the second mini grill we have.  URGHH!!  See, typically we pack over a week's time.  We had a day and also had to get the cushions made.  Wind started blowing.

Summer in the middle of the rain storm that came in.  This IS very significant.  Just a few years ago, she went comatose trying to do this on the soccer field.  Now, let the water fall.   However, while this was happening, we were trying to close the awnings, and get the grill taken care of.  Alex accidentally sent hot coals under the RV.  Umm, hellooo, no fire please.  And, there wasn't.  We lucked out for sure.

Dinner was quickly moved inside.  Big dinette came in handy to be sure.

Bojan and Nik in front of a rig they wish was ours.  LOL.  

Showing off for the camera.  I have teenage boys, what can I say.  

Ms. Summer ready to get ready to go to the reunion on the next leg of her trip.

Nik, waiting to go to the reunion.  just finished some playing time on the playground till we get back in the RV.

Waiting to load up and be on our way soon.  They LOVE this checkers set and the manacala set they have.  That and the tic tac toe wooden set but have lost pieces out of it.  Need another one day.  When it is super duper hot out (was near 100), blinds stay down.  Helps but still hot.

Bojan went to the local camp store and got us an ornament. Sweet of him to do.  We left WVA and were on our way to Ohio for the annual Bulgarian Reunion.  Next leg coming up later.