Monday, June 30, 2014

Manic Monday

As you can tell, we are back from vacation.  Since it's Monday, I'll start off with the usual.

  • Back from vacation
  • laundry caught up
  • RV needs cleaning out some more
  • Logan and Bojan and Max completely cleaned out and reorganized the shed this weekend
  • Kids are in the pool swimming.  Nice and blue
  • social worker came yesterday
  • kids will be starting summer camps next week (sports)
  • Bojan decided not to do band
  • Yana still working at McDonalds
  • Irina is applying for jobs
  • Max is waiting to hear this week about a possible internship in Greensboro
  • Bojan may intern with his prosthetist this summer
  • Bojan's leg is bothering him and wondering if surgery will be necessary again
  • Alyona's back has bugged her a bit more but think more due to travel and sleeping elsewhere
  • Pillows from trip all replaced (posts forthcoming)
  • Dogs missed us
  • house got cleaned up
  • houseguest is doing fine
  • Went to doc today (I had a bad allergic reaction to something I either ate or inhaled while gone)
  • appointments need to be made-- working on that today
  • Max and Mom need to go get new glasses
  • need to check pool water
  • going to be lowering house price
  • going to go look at a few more house options this week
  • Need to open up a bank account for another one of my kids (growing up)
  • RV needs inspecting
  • painting boys' room this week
  • Getting Sofie's new birth cert
  • Need to find a VBS for the kids
  • Deciding on homeschooling
  • May send boys' to another soccer camp
Much, much, much more happening.  And much, behind the scenes.  I will be posting blog posts finally again.  But, we needed that vacation with the kids and seeing some dear friends.  More to come so stay tuned tonight.