Thursday, June 19, 2014

And we're off!!!!!

We're ready to roll for our big summer vacation.  I'll give more details on it all when we come back.  Leaving in just a few moments.  Blog will be quiet for quite a bit of time but well worth the read when we get back :)  LOTS happening here and truly, it will take weeks to fill in on here.  For now, just know we need a great break w/ lots of good friends.  12 kids in an RV for some time.  We will either be closer by the end of this trip or ready to film a CSI episode. LOL.  I remember long trips when I was younger and wanting to get out of that car so fast.  Wish us luck.  TONS of pictures to share.  Literally,like two months worth.  have a wonderful week everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Manic Monday

I know it has been a week!  Crazy, crazy week.  Said it before but say it again, super busy with the end of school stuff.  Plus, helping a friend out last week partially and this week while she is out of town.  Babysitting a 2yo for a few days leaves NO room for blogging. LOL.  So, catching up will have to take place before we leave.  A few highlights of what's happening.

  • kids finished school
  • Max has one more course to take to offiicially graduate
  • Max may have an internship in July
  • Bojan may work this summer with his prosthetist
  • Yana is working at McDonalds
  • Irina is job hunting
  • It's dog gone hot in this state
  • Pool is open, kids are happy
  • Finishing more stuff on the house
  • FBI prints came in
  • Tons of paper work.  Seems neverending at times
  • Houseguest is doing fine and enjoying summer time
  • Girls are into braiding
  • Some days, I feel like I live at a sorrority house
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Our big trip is this week
  • RV is done....sort of
  • Tons of unexpected work and expense
  • Deciding on schooling next year
  • 3 boys painted the upstairs hallway
  • Finding great deals on a local yardsale site
  • Need to pack
  • Called BCBS to straighten out more mess w/ wrong birthday
  • Finally figured out where that magic check that appeared for us belonged to...Advanced Bionics
  • June is basically appointment free for the kids
  • Kids all doing very well heatlhwise
  • Bojan needs to see doc about bone on his leg.  Thinking surgery may be in our future.  URGHH!!!  
  • Bojan will be finishing up scuba at some point this summer
  • Need to finish things up in the RV
  • Need to get cushions for the RV
  • Lots of laundry to do before trip
  • Max will be getting his license very soon
more going on but you get the picture.  Hectic is an understatement but still keeping it together.  We're in a season of change but good change.  Can't wait to share more.  In time.  For now, getting ready for a huge trip.  Meeting many, many great people along the way.