Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blast from the Past

Haven't done one of these for quite some time.  So, about time.  This will be from Junes past. 

Nik and his napping station.  Sandwich at the ready.  June of 2008.  My baby was 6yo then. 

We were singing Happy Birthday but honest to goodness not sure why!  Bojan was clearly 9yo and Max was 13yo.  However, both their b-days were earlier in the year.  Not sure what happened that year.  LOL.  But, looks like we were having fun so who cares.

Also, a June of 2008 photo.

This was the last year she was in public school.  This was June of 2010.  

Warren.  Umm, not sure what to say.  LOL.  June of 2010.  Hopefully, he found a better way to cut onions.

Alyona, Bojan Alex and Nik in the pool, June of 2010.

And this is typically what they are doing.  Not the sweet posing.   June of 2010.

Falling asleep is dangerous in this house.  I don't even remember who did this to them.  This is Yana and Alex.  Totally oblivious to what was done to them.  June 2010.

Summer and Sofie.  We went to a park near Charlotte, I think.  This is Summer and Sofie.  June 2013.

Sofie picking my gardenia bushes.  June 2013.  

This was Nik, Summer and Sofie getting ready for our trip last year.  June 2013.  It was great b/c it had only been a week since house guest had left us.  They hadn't smiled in a week.  Trust me, this video has more meaning behind it than you can ever imagine.  

Those were some blasts from the past.  If video doesn't upload, I'll fix it tomorrow.  Correction, Warren will fix it tomorrow.  I am not tech savvy. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sleep or Jungle Gym?

Recently, we have had to make some changes in sleeping arrangements as we have a house guest and frankly, Sofie is getting older.  The toddler bed can't stay forever.  It is very, very bittersweet for me.  She is my baby girl and my last one at that.  So having to make the jump to big girl bed was not something I was in a hurry for.  However, I saw a bed for sale on a local yardsale site.  And that is when I knew, we couldn't wait any more.

Couldn't resist this monstrosity.  There is the bed on top, space underneath for another mattress if you want to.

This is Sofie and Summer testing out the new bed.

Reni testing out her new sleeping set up.  Her and house guest share for the time being.

So, ignore the messy room.  We were in process of rearranging.  That desk and chair are not staying there.  Alyona and Summer share the bed on the right.  Thank goodness for eBay and Pottery Barn!  Love their quality and love that I can get new stuff on eBay for significantly less.  So, two double beds in here and Sofie's bed plus at the moment, two toddler beds.  However, they will come down shortly.

They absolutely LOVE this bed!  Play in the fort part all the time and Sofie has been putting herself for naps now.  We'll still be rearranging here and there to make the room bigger but for now, we have some very happy little girls that think they won the jackpot.  I do too! 

My oh my.  Four posts in one night, what was I thinking?  Bed time for me.  Big day tomorrow at the lake and elsewhere. 

Max's Drawings

Have not done one of these in a long time.  But, since Max is so very mechanical in his drawings, thought I'd show  you a different side of his sketching. 

Sorry for the crinkled up paper.  Was trying to take a shot of it as best I could.

A rarity he really draws people so thought I'd share.  He said he was trying to draw it where the sun was in his eyes.  Hence, the squinting.

For those that don't know, you must be a Dr. Who fan to get the drawing.  I thougth Max did a decent job on this one.  It's bigger than it looks on the floor.  Really do need to frame some of his works. 

Pinterest non fail

As many of you know, I am not the most craftiest of people.  Not even close.  Zilch for talent in that department.  My kids know better than to ask me to help them come up with a school project.  So, I try Pinterest from time to time.  Mostly, this results in some epic fails.  But sometimes, sometimes the ideas work. 

Yeh, so this one I can't actually take credit for.  A friend and my kids built it for us.  It is a towel rack made out of PVC pipes!  Pretty cool and will go in the backyard.  They had a version of this floating around online the other day.  They surprised me by doing this. Very cool.

Another project I saw was to cover the trampoline springs.  See, our padding was all torn and tattered and looked just awful.  So, this and off to Dollar General I went.  Pool noodles are a $ a piece.  Think I ended up buying around 14 of them.  Had to go back once.  Sorry picture was taken when dark.

We covered all the springs.  That way, no one gets pinched, doesn't look so old, doesn't burn you in the summer and looks colorful to boot!  

Simple Pinterest tries that did not fail this go around.  One week during July, we are going to have a Pinterest week where we attempt all the projects we said we'd do during the year but never got the chance to.  That should be an interesting post to say the least. 

And the Week Flew By

I know, I know.  It's Friday and I promised I'd have my act together this week.  Well, it's the end of school, tons going on and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  So, I'll start with today and work my way back.  This morning, I took some of the kids to a local place called Go Play Outside Now.  Beautiful weather.  Just was a lot of fun meeting up with friends and catching up.  House guest quickly made a new friend and we'll be seeing more of her.  I have a lot of pictures but as you know, I can not share them.  So, did not want you think I only take pictures of Sofie.  But most of the other pics do have house guest in them so Sofie it is. 

Sofie sliding down the regular slide.  They had a water slide going too that she and the rest went down.  Very awesome.  

Right to the animals she goes.  They have two black chickens.  This one kept trying to lay eggs in the stroller.

Sofie, after getting scared on the water slide decided this was more her speed.

Sofie on the tricycle.  

Alyona and Sofie hanging out at one of the many playgrounds.

Someone was there w/ a birthday.  They allowed everyone else in the park to also enjoy some cake and cheese puffs!  Very sweet of them.  

Sofie waited so very patiently for her turn to do Karaoke to Frozen.

She got help from all of us.  Well, no one can understand her but us but for Sofie in that moment in time, it didn't matter.  She was so proud of herself.

She looks like a natural.  LOL.  She had so much fun doing this.

We all had a very pleasant day and great time spent with friends.  We can not wait to go back again one day soon.  Rest of the day we hung out at home.  Going to go to bed early tonight as tomorrow is jam packed full of stuff to do.  Going to Lake Jordan in the morning, having lunch, come home, haul off trash, shower and back to an Upwards Celebration for soccer.  Come home, feed kids and Warren and I have decided we need a night out for dinner.  So, going out.  We can never go far but fortunately live close by to a lot of places.  Can't wait.  I forgot to throw in there work on the pool.  We'll get it done some how, some way.  I will try not to be a stranger to my own blog. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Manic Monday

Well, it's Monday again.  Last I wrote in here was Friday.  Meant a busy weekend and truly, it was.

  • tons done w/ lots of help from our friends
  • still full speed ahead to sell our home
  • pool is being filled now with water.  New liner in
  • end of school fast approaching
  • need to test Alyona
  • kids taking EOG's this week in school
  • finals start this week
  • Yana has training on Friday
  • Yana has started a job at McDonalds
  • last soccer games were this weekend
  • Nik scored a goal!
  • got to go to bank today
  • got to pick up medical forms at doc & put in mail
  • waiting for NC  ID card for two oldest
  • FBI prints came back (those doing this, use an expediting service!)
  • never did get Summer's projects done (HATE projects that are parent projects)
  • scheduling appointments
  • doing more painting today
  • sending off summer camp applications
  • fixing Alex's attendance mess
  • big Upward Celebration on Saturday
  • big FASD Support group outing on Saturday
  • might be out of state on Saturday
  • lots and lots going on in this house
  • Max may be going away in July for employment opportunity
  • planning for summer vacation
  • RV is ready for pick up
  • now need seating made for RV for travel
  • working on getting all girls' summer clothing needs met
  • no current scheduled appointments this week
  • forgot to put out meat for dinner
  • going to Farmer's Market this week and bread outlet
  • need to drop off papers for Summer
  • Summer is regressing...a lot
  • trying to determine who is being homeschooled this coming year 
  • deciding how to homeschool them
  • figuring out how the heck to come up with over a grand for band! ($1,000 folks...that's just stupid)
  • need to get back on the weight loss band wagon
  • starting tomorrow, walking with a friend every day
  • I hate paper work
  • Sofie is still in the terrible two's stage
so much, much more happening.  Need to get some errands done today.  After that, paperwork and cleaning house.  Tonight, need to get some shopping done.  House has got to sell.  Working on it.  Time to eat lunch and get ourselves moving on out of here.  Some days, I'd love to have two of me.