Saturday, May 24, 2014

She's A Pistol

Or should I say firecracker?  Or an expert at the terrible two's?  Not sure which.  All really.  Sofie is 4 yo.  However, she too is dx'd with FASD.  For those that don't know, it is frontal lobe brain damage caused by the birthmother drinking during pregnancy.  Effects executive functioning quite a bit.  And, typically kids are developmentally half their chronological age.  So,that puts Sofie at about two years old.  And, it is proving to be true.  Here was one example the other day.

Her face says it all.  She is actually proud of herself.  

This is the rest of her artwork.  Dress was a mess as well.  It was a sharpie btw.  

I'm telling you, she can find trouble in the middle of the desert this one.  Yesterday, she filled my exhaust pipe with rocks!  That could have been ugly had I not heard the clinking sound.  Then, her latest thing is to play in the toilet.  Not sure why.  We have sinks you know.  All I can say is she is lucky she is so darn cute.  That is what is her saving grace right now.  Also, when she knows she is busted first words out of her mouth are either "mommy nice" or "I sorry mommy."  That's when I know she's done something.  Then, if she is not getting her way it turns to mean mommy.  Got to love this stage.  The other day, she had time out at the playground at soccer practice.  She screamed like a ban chi so everyone could see and hear her.  Added a nice throw of the shoes for good measure.  Again, we know this is a phase but boy, makes life more entertaining if nothing else.  We are all hoping it passes quickly. 

Still here!

Just a bunch going on all at once.  We have end of school stuff as well as a new house guest living with us.  So, this has been a week of everyone getting to know each other.  Been a smooth transition and though I would love to tell you more, for now, it is best to just not to say too much.  I remember when Sofie had first come to us I wanted to share as she was part of our everyday life.  So, hope you respect the reasons of why I can not share much about houseguest.  Just know we're all doing fine getting to know each other. 

Bojan getting ready to go to the concert.  We try hard to get to places on time.  We do.  Actually, he made this one on time.  This is the only picture I got of him as I like to sit and enjoy the music.  We took up an entire row and then some.  Really, auditoriums should be larger.  LOL.  Kids and us enjoyed it.  Bojan then left w/ a friend to get Pelican Snoballs afterwards.  Yes, we were all jealous.

I ordered a new liner for the pool and it came in already.  Only had two to choose from.  Chose the darker blue and think it will look sharp once put in.  We forgot to order a part so have to do that Tuesday.  So, pool will be good to go this week, new rocks around it and all.  yeh.  No more Shrek's Swamp.  

We've been doing some rearranging in the house as well.  Needed some new beds so working on all that.  Trying to prepare for everything and that sometimes can be a hectic thing in and of itself.  IEP stuff happening and just very big decisions to be made.  Not to mention a house selling going on.  We are in process of putting a work weekend in place.  Gracious friends said they wanted to help.  Much more happening around here and so I will be working on posts again.  Oh, and we got two frogs.  Yeh, my plan backfired of saying go ask Dad b/c I assumed Dad would automatically say no.  Must be getting soft in his old age.  LOL.  Reni's class was getting rid of frogs.  African Dwarf frogs.  Seriously, we thought we were getting regular frogs.  These are more like fish.  In water.  Can't really hold the things.  It's okay, just not what we were expecting.  Probably better we didn't have regular frogs or the dogs would eat them.  

Anyhow, things are going well, just working on about 15 things at once so writing took a backseat.  I will finish Camp Cheerio posts next.  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2014

manic Monday

Well, since Monday is almost over, need to get this post done I suppose. 

  • had an awesome time at Camp Cheerio
  • have one kiddo grounded right now
  • ordered a new pool liner
  • installing liner this weekend by ourselves
  • new house guest arrives tomorrow
  • end of school is driving me nuts
  • Alyona has Spanish class this week
  • speech therapy this week
  • soccer practice was today
  • soccer games
  • got some more azaleas
  • got Yana a criminal background check
  • getting three kids an NC ID card
  • Max is getting his license soon as he finishes a civics course
  • Alyona needs new glasses
  • multiple kids getting shots tomorrow
  • dropped RV off for a/c repair
  • making big plans
  • still planning on moving to a new house
  • working on selling this one-- June will begin the huge push
  • got title to trailer we bought for trash hauling
  • went to bank
  • got blinds for Irina's room since dog chewed them all up
  • Bojan's concert is tomorrow
  • prepping for end of year stuff for kids
  • staying home this weekend I think
And much, much more!  Can not wait to share a bit more in time.  For now, status quo and working on school stuff.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Camp Cheerio Day 1

And we are back from Camp Cheerio!  Can not tell you how great it feels to go there.  We have so much going on in our lives currently, we truly needed this break.  Really did.  Very refreshed and ready for business come Monday.  So, Friday, we were to leave.  And we did...late. 

Full van, that's for sure.  My kids have been spoiled by the RV.  We even took two seats out of the van.  Pillows had to go on laps.  Midway, we realized Sofie forgot hers.  Not that she cares, she had her stuffed animal.

My annual shot of the kids before we head out to activities and lunch.  

You can not beat those mountain views with horses in the foreground.  Just gorgeous.

Sofie riding the horse she made.  Pretty clever craft.  And, we can use the pool noodle.

Irina, checking out the sleeping arrangements.

Chaos Manor away from home...busted lip.  What every trip needs.  Sofie was playing the brass ring game and it swang back and hit her in the lip.  No worries, she was fine.  Big sisters checking it out.

Come on kiddo, we're only on day 1!

Sofie in line for dinner.  We'd go a few steps and she'd try to sleep.

After spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, we headed outside to wait until  the slide show and ice cream social.  Sitting on rockers watching the view.  Here is Summer relaxing.

Sofie and Irina taking time out for a hug.

Summer and Sofie stopped to pet Pippen, a hearing service dog.  Awesome dog btw!

Max and Sofie hanging out as well.

Alex checking out the mountain views of Stone Mountain with binoculars.

Summer, happy to sit with her daddy for awhile.

Of course you have hot cocoa while waiting for ice cream!  This is Camp Cheerio life you know.

Long awaited ice cream social and slide show.  Enjoyed by all.  After this, we took the two youngest back to the cabin.  They were dead beat tired.  The older ones all went to the gym to hang out.  Curfew is at 10 campground wide.  Love that.  Next morning, time to wake up early for breakfast.  More on Camp Cheerio tomorrow.   But we are home now!