Thursday, May 15, 2014

TN Trip-- Wave Riders

Back to TN trip.  So after the Bush's museum and cafe, we headed back to the resort to ride the waves and swim and do all sorts of things.  I did not take my camera the first time b/c frankly, I wanted to go in too and have some fun.  So, none of Summer and I on the lazy river and her pushing me into the ice cold waterfalls on that one.  Thank goodness.  Or of Warren and I in w/ the kids in the pool just hanging out.  But, did manage to get some of the wave riders.

First up was Alex.  This is a very cool ride and just great people who run it.

 Alex, wishing he could live at the beach full time.

At first, they were nervous on how to tell Nik what to do.  As you know, very visual and got the hang of it right away.  So much so, they were teaching him tricks!

I can safely say he was having a blast as was Alex.  Like I said, not many pictures from that first night because we all just wanted to jump in and enjoy our day.

It is vacation you know.  Plus, you know me, bargain hunter.  Well, the store in the resort puts them half price after 8.  So, we snagged two boxes and the kids were some happy breakfast eaters that morning.  Those and Clementime oranges.  They were set.  We all were set for some more town touring.

The House

Okay, we are selling the house.  I will have a post w/ the house on it soon.  Next week.  For now, we have been cleaning, decluttering, rearranging, etc. to try to sell our home.  We have found another home locally that would be perfect.  And I mean perfect for us.  It is almost twice the size of our current home.  It has nearly 3 acres.  Though we wanted more acreage, this set up is perfect for what we want to do for the kids.  Very well maintained place.  All brick home.  Enough space for a growing family.  Plenty of garages, place for basketball court, place for a pool, pecan trees, open space, etc.  Place to be a kid and great place to entertain and just grill out.  The other day, we took  the kids to check it out.  We have been here before.  The kids had not.  Their reaction truly was priceless.

While waiting for our realtor, Sofie couldn't help but take a sneak peek inside.  She really has grown too.  She's over 30 lbs. now and a little spitfire.  LOL.  I think she was just amazed at the sheer size of it all.  

Kids checking out one of the garages.

The backyard is filled with pecan trees.

Part of the back of the house.  This house is really wide and spread out.

Blurry but other part of the back.  Great porches to grill out on.

With almost 3 acres, we have some room in the backyard to play for sure!  Kids are excited as our we at the possibility of living here.  We have been going back and forth on building one as well.  tough call.  Though, think we'd survive the move better if we just bought one out right instead of build from scratch. Time will tell.  So, now the kids are extremely motivated to move and willing to do what it takes.  For the next few weeks, we have to feel like we are living in a museum.  You know, show ready to make it look like no one lives here let alone real people with a family of 13.  Routine is to put the dogs in the RV and we leave the house for the showing.  Well, that's all fine and dandy now but when there are extras here and it is hotter, dogs can't go in the RV.  What on earth are we going to be doing?  Trying to think ahead b/c it would be brutal in NC heat to take the dogs for a walk in the park for two hours w/ a bunch of kids.  Looking for ideas on this one.  Typically, with a showing we are asked to put the dogs away and also be away for approximately two hours.  Harder than it seems folks.  So, we are wanting to move.  Wanting to make all transitions possible this year.  This is our year of change. 

Camp Cheerio Bound!!!

Yes, way behind again.  LOL.  Seems to be a trend but in the next few weeks you'll discover why that is such a trend.  Many new happenings in our lives and throwing in trying to sell a house in the mix and well frankly, it leaves less time to write.  Tomorrow, we are taking our annual trip to Camp Cheerio for Cue Camp.  Kids call it deaf camp because well, most the kids are deaf in some form or fashion.  This is truly one of our highlights of the year, every year.  Meet up with old friends, make new friends, kids have a blast, parents have a blast, just plain fun.  Kids all had an awesome time last year.  They really did.  We are looking forward to a very refreshing weekend as usual.  Just clears the mind.  And, with such a huge week ahead of us, we need this.  Truly need this.  This is always a stress buster.  Beautiful views, great people, delicious food, and relaxation.  Making memories.  Love it!  No posts on Friday or Saturday but better believe I'll share on Sunday.  Perfect weather too this year.  Sunny and cool. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bush's Baked Bean Museum

Being so busy, never finished talking about our trip.  Must do that as we truly had a good, relaxing time.  So, onto the museum after lunch it was.  I took some of the kids next door while Warren finished up with lunch.

You can lay on the floor and pretend to be rolled over by the giant can if you want.  I opted not to.  So, some of us standing in front of the can.  Just a lot of fun.

Some of the older ones checking out how the beans are made from beginning to end.  BTW, they're inside a huge can of beans.  

All the kids thought this was fun.  You got to weigh yourself in beans.  

This was neat showing how the beans were packaged.  Very interactive museum.

 This was hilarious.  You can get photoshopped into a picture.  The guy managed to get all eleven of them in.  Then Warren and I did one but we ended up looking like aliens. 

Okay, so Alex came running back  up to us claiming he found the secret recipe.  We walked back with him and this is where he and Sofie were.  

We attempted to get them all looking at once.  Not quite there. Summer and Max this time.  One day, they'll all be looking.

Yana and Irina just hanging out.  I notice ipods in their hands.  

Nik looking in the truck wondering why rocks are in there.

That is the Bush's baked bean factory right across the street.  Huge facility.  We had a great time eating lunch and touring the little museum.  After that, we went to Food City for some food for dinner and fresh fruit.  Then, the fun was to begin w/ the water park.  Stay tuned for more.  Hmm, two posts in a day.  Might be onto something here.  LOL.

FAS Research

As some of you may know, I have a household with a few children with FASD.  7 have it, 6 are officially dx'd on paper and at this point, possibly another may have it as well but hard to tell w/ other dx's that are present.  So, as you can imagine, research is important to our family.  Things that may help children like ours participate in daily life and lead a life to the fullest.  That being said, when there is an opportunity to do research, we sometimes take it.  Especially, if non-invasive and not too hard.  Over the years, a few of my kids have participated in the research regarding FASD.  Today, there is some research going on in my own home even.  I feel it is important for awareness in the community and also for future children growing up with this disorder.  If my children being part of research study will help others in the future.  I am all for it. 

Research is important.  It helps to raise awareness.  And, FASD needs awareness.  so many don't know what it is.  So, that is what is happening here today.  Maybe we can be a small part of something bigger. 

Our van is in the shop.  It is under warranty so that is good.  Got a recall notice for the passenger airbag so will have to take it in yet again one day for that repair.  Wished the notice would have come earlier as we could have had this done on the same day.  Is what it is.  So, today I am able to get a bunch of stuff that has been lingering around.  You know, all the stuff you've been putting off.  Today, it will get taken care of. 

RV repair man is coming around lunch which is awesome.  Ready to get ready for our trip next month.  Regular maintenance.  Then, we'll need to get it inspected.  Did a few errands this morning as well.  Think today may actually be productive after all.  Next posts must be picture posts!  Wait till you see how they've grown. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Manic Monday

Boy is it ever!  I know I have been slack on the blog lately but truly, life has got to come first here.  Just super duper busy with the end of the year.  Here goes nothing:

  • Found the home we want
  • Need to sell our home
  • End of school nearing for the kids
  • van goes to shop tomorrow
  • van got a recall notice in the
  • RV repair being done tomorrow
  • FAS researchers coming to our home
  • House is staying some what clean for house showings (by clean I mean kid clean)
  • Soccer today
  • Summer has a game today
  • Getting a few packages together for various folks
  • Waiting for Uncle Sam
  • IEP meeting for Summer
  • Going to Camp Cheerio!!!! 
  • Worked really hard on the yard today too
  • Kids are growing
  • Many things new on the horizon
  • Sister inlaw coming to stay a few days and visit
  • Really decluttered w/ the yardsale
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Bojan waiting to do his scuba again
  • Need to get some glasses for some of the kids
  • BCBS called me to close our case (wahoo!)
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Making lots of plans
  • Will get back into blogging very soon
  • Many things happening with the schools and kids
  • May take Max to get his license this week
I will do better at getting back on track.  Kids are keeping us busy with school and events and such.  Not a bad thing, just blogging takes a backseat when that happens.  Just means lots more pictures to catch up on.  Boy have they grown too!  I know I have 11 kids but only feels like 3 or 4 b/c most mine are teens now and do their own thing with friends, jobs, school, etc.  Good and bad.  Bad, b/c sometimes I miss them and good b/c it means they are growing up and learning.