Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

About time I do one of these posts!  I like to pick out something I think the kids have been thoughtful about during the week.  Or just from when I can think of it. 

Irina-- Lots of help around the house and  of course my Mother's Day gift!  She did it all on her own.  Went to the pottery place when we were on vacation while we were at the waterpark.  I think it's beautiful!  Very thoughtful.

Max-- took the time to build a bench for my friend.  Did it all on his own.  She gave him the old twin bed and he made a bench out of it for her. 

Yana-- She and her boyfriend helped me out one day by taking Sofie to the park to play.  Thoughtful of them for sure.

Bojan-- Has been helping the younger siblings with things as they need it.

Alyona-- Has been stepping up and trying to help out more with cooking and with her little sisters.

Alex-- Love this.  Alex has really taken to helping out with Sofie.  Loves to carry her on his shoulders and she just thinks that's the bees knees.

Logan-- Painted the outside garage doors for us.  Without us asking him to!!  Very thoughtful.  He really wants to move to some more space as well.

Reni-- Reni thinks of others more than herself lately.  And that is a very thoughtful thing to do. 

Nik-- While on vacation, Nik took the time to take Summer and explain stuff to her at the Bean Museum.  It is quite thoughtful of him to know Summer needs extra help in understanding things and him willing to help explain it.

Summer-- wanted to help in the condo we stayed in.  So, she decided to carpet sweep for us. 

Sofie-- Lately, she has been asking to help out a lot more.  She was doing this when we were in the yard the other day.  Thoughtful of her  to think of helping us out. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Irina's ENT Results

So, today I went to the ENT with Irina.  Get to the point.  Allergies are BAD.  Beyond bad.  They want to do under the tongue drops but those are expensive and not typically covered by insurance he said.  Then, he suggested shots.  The allergist he said would call us and discuss options.  Next, was the CT Scan.  Umm, yikes is all I can say.  3 out of 4 sinuses have infections he said.  The 2 channels you have in your head to drain them, are completely blocked in hers.  In addition, she has a cyst.  Also, has a hole in her passage.  He said though at this point the perforation is a good thing b/c it is helping her breath since she is completely blocked everywhere else.  Irina has major issues breathing.  Doctor wants to see if the allergy solution will help before he does surgery on her.  Not the best news but given all our other issues and such, not the worst news either.  So, waiting on allergist and course of action.  Her job right now of cleaning is not good for her at all.  Severely allergic to dust and all sorts of other things. 

We were there all morning long today.  After, we went to a local consignment shop and picked up a few things.  New  pool floats to prep for the season.  We also went to a pool shop inquiring about a liner.  We'll be getting a new liner this weekend hopefully and installing it ourselves.  Geez, new pool liner, river rocks around it, etc. Going to look sharp as is the yard w/ all this work. 

We had a very late lunch at home and then started getting things in order for our upcoming yardsale this weekend.  Ton going on.  We are also trying to make room for more beds.  We'll be having a few guests soon.  Two to be exact.  One temporary and one maybe a little longer.  So, making space to be sure.  Need to sell this house!  We have found a home that would work and not far from us.  We are torn between that and building one.  Time will tell.  So, expect a house post soon.  Making room here in the mean time until new place can be found.  Much more to come tomorrow and finish up those TN pics.  Just had to explain why I've been so busy.  And that isn't even the half of it!  Nik's all day eval at UNC post is soon too.  Again, lots to share.  Many upcoming events as well.  Keeps life interesting.

manic Monday

Last Monday I was coming home from our TN trip so didn't get the chance to post one.  Well, here we go again.  Another Monday.  Busy week but I'll try to keep up.

  • Nik has an all day eval by a team of specialists at UNC
  • Alyona and Sofie will be staying with a friend today
  • soccer practice tonight
  • boys soccer is over
  • track season is over
  • we have Camp Cheerio in 2 weeks!
  • did lots of yard work this past weekend and it is looking good out there
  • got a trailer so now can haul stuff if needed
  • boys will be painting said trailer b/c rusty
  • looking for a new pool liner
  • A/C is now fixed
  • Spanish for Alyona this week
  • had fun at company picnic this past weekend
  • Irina gets CT results this week
  • having a big yardsale this weekend
Well, I was behind to say the least.  Still am.  Much more tomorrow.