Friday, April 25, 2014

And we're off!!!!

We are TN bound today.  Wahoo!!!  Will tell all about this awesome gift we received over Christmas when we get back.  As usual, focus is on family on vacation so no posts for a few days.  We are over the moon about this trip and plan to truly enjoy it.  Person who gave it to us truly has a generous heart.  More on everything when we get home.  We have made some big decisions this week and need a good break.  We are ready to relax after a very busy, hectic week.  Irina had her CT Scan this morning and allergy testing.  Always fun before a big trip, right?  Van is packed.  Kids are disappointed we're not taking the RV but hey, they won't be once they learn we're staying in condos!  New experience for us all.  Love it.  See you all on the flip side.  Enjoy your weekend folks.  I know we will.  Many pictures to come.  Lots to share as lots has happened.  Told you, busy week.  For those I need to get back to, I will soon. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Day Out

Yesterday was busy.  But, in a good way.  We decided to go out to a local spot called Go Play Outside Now.  Has so much for everyone of all ages to do.  All outside.  All to enjoy.  And enjoy we did.  I met up with two other families and in addition saw other families I hadn't seen in awhile.  Just made it very enjoyable and all the kids hung out together.

Nik on the tire swing.  A favorite  of his.

Summer had to be like big brother and go on the swing too.

Nik, just coming out of the slide.

Sofie coming down from her ride.  She tells me now she is a big girl and can do it herself!

Bigger kids spent half the time playing basketball and half the time playing laser tag.

Alex, hauling around Summer and Nik.

A friend and Logan getting ready to enjoy some roasted marshmallows.  Umm, Logan, I think they're burned!

We had so much stinking fun here.  All our kids hung out together.  All had a wonderful time.  We all roasted hotdogs over the fire pit. That was somewhat of an epic fail but we won't go there.  More hot dogs were dropped than not.  LOL.  Just truly enjoyed it all. Talking, taking in the sunshine and cool breezes, playing, getting to know new people, etc.  Fun times.  This was I think Friday.  I know I didn't take many pictures but honestly, too much fun enjoying hte place to worry about snapping some shots.  So many things to do in this area.  Glad my kids are willing to venture out. 

Busy, busy

Wow, forgot I had a blog.  LOL.  Well, with Easter weekend and all the other festivities going on this week, time truly slipped away from us.  Been crazy busy. 

Our mellow fellow Digby.  We have not been as lazy as Digby has.  In fact, we have been trying to get the house show ready despite it being on the market already.  See, been working on the outside of it.  Lots of cleaning up, planting, etc. going on.  Found many free shrubs online.  We dug up and planted 17 between yesterday and today.  Mature shrubs.  Before that, planted 12!  mature shrubs so big.  Max is not happy with all the hole digging going on here.  But, it does look so much better.  We we also have a load of dirt come next week and reseed the front yard.  Going to look awesome!  We have our hearts set on a dream home we found.  Would take a miracle but the house fits us perfectly and it is around the corner from us.  Those with FASD kids know how important fact that can be for us.  So, we're all working hard to fix this one up to sell.  

We had taken the kids, young ones, to an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a special needs hunt put on by a local church.  I seriously had planned to head there, hunt for like 30 minutes and leave.  Umm, NO.  Had no idea what awesome things they had planned.  No pictures and you'll know why in a minute.  Got there and they took the kids.  Kids had an hunt, met the Easter Bunny, played games, inflatables, arts and crafts, lunch, pictures taken, etc.  The adults got to get pampered.  I got my hair cut, nails done, had lunch, etc.  amazing afternoon and met so many great people.  Was so relaxing and I loved it.  We spent hours there.  

Just some of the aftermath.  LOL.  No candy in those eggs so you know Nik was disappointed.  All had fun.  Sunday, we went to Warren's parents' house.  Had a delicious lunch with the grandparents and kids got to catch up.  Was pouring down rain so being inside made it a little tough on some but they fond other things to do.  Was nice.  Monday kids had school.  So much more going on but it's already late again.  Tomorrow we start packing.  Wahoo!!