Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day at the Park

The other day it was gorgeous out and a friend and I decided to go to the park.  A few kids in tow.  During school so homeschooling kiddos.  We packed a picnic lunch and headed out.  Could not have asked for a more gorgeous day.  Temp read 79 and sun was everywhere.  Much needed spring time break.  Just a day where you wanted to soak up every ounce of sunshine and open windows. 

Nothing like strawberries from the Farmer's Market in a picnic lunch.

Sofie coming down the slide.  She was too chicken to do the big slide which surprised me.

We all then went for a walk around the park to just take in the fresh air and woods.  Plenty of turtles spotted.  

Yes, she is indeed growing.  It is bittersweet for me.  I want my baby to stay little forever.  But alas, they all must grow up.  She is in more 4T's now than 3T's.  Crazy, huh?

And yes, this is more the relationship they have.  Tongue out.  

Alyona just being Alyona.  Beautiful.

Sofie loves the sand.  Who wouldn't?!

Alyona with friends.  Park and picnic was most definitely a hit.  Surely, we will be going again.  Long walks, playing, talking with friends, sunshine, nothing beats it. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alyona's MRI Results

are GREAT!!!  Best news ever.  No more neurological surgeries.  Wahoo!!!  Everything looks fantastic.  However, this does not explain the symptoms so referred us to neurology.  Since we already have a neuro in place at Raleigh, we will continue to use their doctors and Duke thought that was great b/c he said we (Duke) can't get you in any earlier than 6 months at the moment.  So, neurology to figure out the headaches though Warren and I have a theory of what may be causing that and the numbness in her arm.  See, before the surgery, she was used to walking crooked.  After surgery, she still tries to do it though the rods won't let her.  This puts pressure on her neck. Her neck muscles are hard as a rock and probably has a pinched nerve in there somewhere.  I will have to ask ortho though if it would be safe to use the chiropractor.  He is the ONLY one who fixed my numbness which is unfortunately back now.  I haven't been in two years and I am feeling it.  We were wondering if he can work on Alyona  a bit as well.  There is no other explanation at the moment for symptoms.  Well, we go to neuro and they may have some thoughts.  But truly, watching her walk and feeling how tense she is, that may be the answer.  Not sure.  Asking ortho though before we'd even make a chiro appointment.  Has to be safe first and foremost for us to do it.  Like I said, they helped me immensely.  And with chiropractor, I had no allergy issues, slept better, etc.  Will be looking into going again. 

Today, we have speech therapy for 3 of the kids at the house.  Weird not having little guy around.  But, he'll be popping by here and there for sure.  Yana also has a home track meet...maybe.  Waiting on weather.  Right now, it's a go.  Trouble is, timing.  Speech therapy here.  Trying to work out being able to go.  She took the stupid paper down which had ALL the meet dates so I could keep track.  My kids know that is one of my greatest pet peeves when it comes to scheduling...telling me the day before an event.  I need things up and seen to coordinate.  We have 4 different soccer schedules, track, JROTC stuff, and now scuba diving to work and coordinate together.  It's a job I tell you.  Plus, throw in all the other normal school stuff that happens and life stuff and medical stuff and you have a some packed weeks to work on.  Its' fine, I just need to know in advance. 

Got a call from the CIDD today.  It is an evaluation center that you can only go to at UNC by referral only.  We were referred for Nik.  Will probably do Alyona, Summer and Sofie next if we feel it is worth it.  They will do a team approach including pyschological, behavioral, educational and audiological evals.  I told them to just pull his audiology records but she said they don't do that there.  Umm, you're part of the SAME system at UNC.  Guessing you have access and would be easy to do but hey, what do I know.  I'm the parent who takes him to audiology.  See where my confidence is already waivering here.  LOL.  Be that it may, going with an open mind and hope they listen and not just form pre-biased opinions based on his history at the orphanage.  That's what happened to Max years ago when he first came home at 4yo.  By the Lucy Daniels Center.  I do not like that place not one bit.  They formed opinions on our son without ever seeing him in person!  So, after so many years of evals for my kids and doctor visits and teachers, I do have a very strong opinion of places and what I think.  I hope UNC will be open-minded and truly look at ALL aspects of Nik and how to best help him reach his fullest potential.  Oh, eval date isn't till May 5th. 

Well, kids are starting to come home.  Trying to get a lot done.  Meeting with Logan's teachers tomorrow.  Trying to figure out what to do for him.  Tomorrow is also Alex and Logan's first soccer game with this new league.  Friday I don't think we have anything after school or work. Hoping not anyhow.  More later.  Just wanted to touch base.  You know, before I forget. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

manic Monday

Well, it's that time of the week again where we get to start all over again.  A busy week indeed for us so let's get started with a few.

  • My MRI was this morning.  Went there and I cancelled it.  More later on that
  • Summer, Reni and Nik have their soccer meeting tonight to kick off the season
  • Special needs meeting today for me
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Sofie to neuro this week
  • Alyona's MRI results this week by neurosurgeon
  • Running club tomorrow
  • Started walking again with Bojan last night
  • Enjoying gorgeous weather this week before it dips
  • Going to park probably tomorrow
  • First soccer game for the boys is Thursday
  • Kind of a free weekend except for soccer practice
  • Organizing still
  • House is still on the market 
  • Looking for property to build on
  • Yana is thinking of her future
  • Max unsure of the after high school bit
  • Irina still working
  • Knock on wood, healthy family
  • Calling doc to make sure everyone is up to par for when we transfer our records (thinking ahead for a change)
  • Trying to decide whether or not we should even bother with starting a garden if we're trying to move
  • Waiting on taxes to be done
  • Logan is struggling with school
  • Bojan is beyond excited at a recent opportunity that I'll talk about in another post
  • Realizing we were all much happier when homeschooling (hate seeing the kids dreading going to school)
  • Gut feeling that keeps coming back to me that we're not 'done' yet.  I say we are D-O-N-E and Warren says we are done.  Just can't shake the feeling.  Weird is all.  
  • Hoping for some answers on many fronts this week 
  • On a weight loss mission
Busy week but we'll get it all done one way or another.  Getting into the active season but it's what we need to do.   More to come. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Go Play Outside Now!

That is the name of a local establishment that the kids love.  And, they run specials.  Always a plus.  They have laser tag, giant slides, swings, basketball courts, you name it.  They have it.  So, we have had really crappy weather lately.  Last week, it was beautiful out.  What better time to go.  Friday afternoon it was.  Went with friends.  Thought I'd share a few pics with you all from that day.

Summer coming down the slide.

Nik just finished his run down.

And of course the kids and friends have to go down at once.  Sofie had already headed back up.  Lots of smiling faces.

 Sofie riding a trike.  It was practically

Summer on the tire swing.

Little Guy (I babysit) coming on down.  He and Nik went together almost the entire time we were there.  They LOVED it!  Irina was still in work clothes but enjoyed coming with us.

Nik and the rest of the group learning instructions on how to use them.  Sofie was so excited she got to be one of the big kids.

Summer trying to get Reni.

Irina goofing around for the camera.

And the child could aim too!

Thought Reni's expression was priceless.

I'm thinking she had WAY too much fun with this laser tag activity.  She was telling Little Guy a thing or two I think.  

I know I don't have many shots of Alyona & Reni but they were really hanging out with friends the whole time.  Everyone had such a fun time.  Just was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed it.  Now, our intentions are to go in March as well.  

Got to go to bed.  Stupid daylight savings time.  Lose an hour.  MRI for me at 7:45 in the morning.  What a cruel deal the day after DST.  Oh well.  Alex and Logan had soccer in their new league today.  What a workout.  They did not stop.  Tomorrow Reni, Summer & Nik have a meet and greet for their teams.  And so soccer season and track season has begun.  We will survive will become our motto.  Crockpot will be our friend.  More to come tomorrow.  Gorgeous weather may get the best of me though.

Random Pictures

Have some pictures that really don't fit into any category so why not group together.  Here goes.

The other day Sofie was feeling under the weather.  Nik didn't want her to sleep alone so asked if he could sleep on the couch w/ her.  said he would help her.  I said fine.  

Nik, still an angry bird fan to be sure.  Angry bird everything.

Alaska also comforts those who don't feel well.  She does this with everyone.

Camera hog Nik blocking a Summer shot.

Summer was as happy as she could be painting her derby car.  And nope, we never made it to the derby.

Alyona.  Mad Alyona.  Not sure what she was mad about.  Probably because I told her to get to work.

Okay, so the eye doc we've been going to, has been great.  Been going there forever and the receptionist knows me well.  A little too well.  See, I am notorious for losing receipts.  We have to file our own claims.  She gave me a nice little bag with a note on it.  And guess what?!  Yes, I lost this one too!  She's going to kill me.  Warren swears we mailed them off.  I'm not so sure.  That's a sign you have a little bit going on.

And that's the face of a man who hates Pinterest.  Okay, so I thought it would be an easy project.  I actually saw it in a magazine and it looked really coo.  Ours did turn out differently but still looks alright.  I have a very patient husband. He and the rest of the bunch know I am by far no Martha Stewart.  Not even close.  But, I can let others try for me, right?  

Tonight is Saturday.  Lazy day of organizing.  Went to Sam's and then rented Catching Fire which we all enjoyed.  Soccer starts tomorrow for Alex and Logan.  Then, it is a very busy week.  More pics and what all we've been up to in a bit.  Got to get that hour back somehow that the clock is taking away this weekend.