Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blast from the past

Getting busy again this week.  Alyona had her MRI today.  Warren took her to work with him and then to the MRI at Duke.  We'll know next week if it is nothing, CSF leak or retethering of her cord when they did the spinal fusion surgery.  Vet cancelled for tomorrow and Reni & Nik's field trip also got cancelled.  However Bojan's prosthetist comes tomorrow afternoon to fit the new check socket.  Keeping fingers crossed everything fits well.  Having issues w/ insurance still on implants and speech therapy.  Apparently, since the new health care changes along w/ new systems changes, BCBS is literally months behind.  On the upside, Advanced Bionics did suspend drafting our account for the time being.  Umm, they were drafting nearly 1,000 a month!  Don't ask.  We are owed money but who knows when we will see it at this point.  Just been trying to tie up many loose ends this week.  It's tedious but necessary. 

So, ready to do a blast from the past as I haven't done it for awhile.  Here goes nothing.

Warren and Bojan celebrating birthdays in 2006.

Alex doing some equine therapy in 2006.

Our beloved Bear from 2010.

Some of Nik's early artwork from 2010.

This was an almost weekly occurence.  Nik hated his hearing aids SO much, he would literally throw them in the woods.  We'd have to hunt for them.  Think needle in a haystack.  It was horrible.  What was worse, the center we go to didn't seem to believe this to be true.  You could tell by the look of doubt.  Well, FASers don't always think remember.  We'd even search w/ the metal detectors.  One of the hearing aids we never ever found.  In those leaves somewhere.  Glad that's over!  During this year in 2010, he was down to one hearing aid.  He got his other implant that year.  Now, he never wants to take them off.  What a difference.

Warren will not like this picture.  Not shaven or anything but the look on his face says it all.  Alyona and her daddy.  March 2010.

Max, the birthday boy in March.  This was March of 2011.

Bojan and Max goofing around.  To think Bojan is almost taller than Max now.  Crazy.  This also was March of 2011.

This was the hardest part last year.....not being able to share pictures of Sofie till everything was final.  Trust me, there are many pictures to catch up with.  And still many I can't share to this day since houseguest is no longer with us.  But this is Sofie last March of 2013.  At soccer practice.

Summer with her long hair.  We were at a homeschool outing.  March of 2013.

The silly girls from last year, minus two of them.  Just goofing off.  March 2013.

Sofie used to love this.  Max would carry her around in a box.  She thought it was cool and would laugh the whole time.  March of 2013.

Memory lane.  So many of them.  Hope you enjoyed this quick blast from the past.  More to come.  Working on a Sofie post. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Manic Monday

Hectic is the word that comes to mind.  So let's cut to the chase.

  • Had a showing this weekend and waiting to hear what they thought
  • Still looking for land to build or an older big home to fix up possibly
  • Tons of fruits and veggies in this house 
  • Need to order pictures for various projects
  • Finishing a reference letter I should have had done already
  • Need new phones for the house but it will have to wait
  • Vacuum is on the fritz as well
  • Car needs inspecting
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Everyone feeling fine
  • Digby needs to go to the groomers
  • Alyona has her MRI this week
  • Waiting to hear when my MRI for my arm is
  • Nik has neurology this week
  • Waiting on the CIDD to call about full eval at UNC by all sorts of specialists
  • Waiting for doc's offiice to call about the shot records  (making sure all is up to par before we move.  Pre-emptive strike so to speak)
  • Got Yana a gown this past week
  • Kids missed AWANAS yesterday
  • Going to an essential oils meeting this week
  • Starting running club this week
  • Lost the eye receipts for the claims I have to send in
  • House is clean & laundry caught up
  • Roads are supposed to get nasty out there soon
  • Reni and Nik have a field trip this week
  • Need to go to Sam's this week
  • Making reservations this week for all sorts of places
  • Signing kids up for a science camp this summer
  • Trying to figure out if we need to pull Max from school
  • Getting ultra organized in this house w/ a variety of things  
  • Need to go to Social Security office to fix some cards (name change and something else for another adopted long ago)
Many other happenings going on but trying to stay on top of things.  The little boy I watch will be leaving soon but a slow transition out.  I know we'll miss him but his Mom wants him to come visit so sure we'll see him again.  Not watching anyone else for time being till we move.  We're going to focus on getting Alyona back on track pending another surgery is not needed.  Well, time to go make some stuffed peppers for dinner.  Lots of fresh veggies this week and we're learning to make new things.  We made homemade dryer sheets (the sponge recipe one) today. Also, had to try the Reece's Peanut Butter Egg recipe just to see if we like it. Umm, we LOVE it!  Must do again.  LOL.  Anyhow, more pics tomorrow.  I start running club with the kids tomorrow so wish me luck.  Hey, at least the cardiologist said I'm good to go.  Enjoy your week.  

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dressed up and no place to go

Every once in awhile, you need to dress up around here.  And though it's a rarity, we still need to make sure we have clothes for it.  So, the other day, we had to try some on and also purchase some.  Here are a few pics. 

 Dog gone it.  Pictures went one on top the other.  First shot is Bojan.  Second is a close up.  He was trying on a suit to make sure it fit because he'll have upcoming band concerts.

Yana was trying on a dress.  I know, not a great shot and makeup/ hair not done but just showing the dress.  Really does look good on her.  She'll have a military ball in April and Prom in May so trying to think a little ahead as some surgeries may be going on.  Wanted to make sure we had at least part taken care of.  

We really are lacking on the dress up clothes around here and need to get better about it.  We really are so much more casual so it's hard to want to think about dressing up as everyone hates it.  Truly, we all do.  Much more happy in play clothes or sweats or workout clothes.  But I do think my kids look sharp when they do dress up.   

Our Weekend

Was a bit of a busy weekend trying to get everything done.  Friday, I went with a friend to the Raleigh Farmer's Market and the bread outlet.  She introduced me to the bulk section I didn't know existed.  How on earth I didn't know this, I'll never know.  But, we went and got quite a bit of bargains.  Food is awesome and prices are beyond decent.  Cheaper than I can get anywhere else.

This was just some of the load from the market.  Not all.

BTW, bread outlet has tastycakes.  Yum.  16 of those strawberries.  Half are gone today.  Only reason the rest aren't gone is because we froze the rest.  All those eggplants were $5 total.  Made eggplant parmasean tonight.

ALL those grapes are gone today.  Was like 18 lbs or something like that.  Not sure. I just know it was heavy and my kids ate it ALL.  They were good grapes though.

Case of apples on the bottom. Most expensive purchase but the kids love them.  Tons of veggies.  We've cut up some but not all.  Froze some, ate some.

Bread outlet was a haul.  Evening I went to a church consignment sale and got a few things for Reni and Summer.  Came home and we all watched a movie. 

Now, Saturday we lounged around a bit, cleaned house and also went to a special needs event.  However, forgot my camera.  Only took Summer and Sofie as Nik did not want to come.  They had fund, got some candy, played games, played on the playground, etc.  Came home and had lunch.  Trash to the dump and then not much else going on.  Oh, we went to TJMaxx.

$80 cushion (who the heck would pay that I don't know) reduced to $10.  Can't make it for that  and they use it.  It's a frog and great to lounge around here with.  Also bought some other odds and ends we needed.  Well, we did not need the matroshka doll measuring spoons but Irina insisted we get them.  Cute.

We also but some wooden dominoes on clearance and they love them.  

Today, we had a nice breakfast and then started to clean up.  Got a call we were showing the house.  Late afternoon.  Left to Walmart for some supplies and all kids had to go as we can't be here when they show the house.  Dogs go to the RV while others are house looking.  Came home and Max and Logan went with Warren to pick up two beds I bought from a local yardsale site.  Two captains beds.  So, lots of purchasing this weekend and lots of cleaning up.  So, nothing that exciting.  Thank goodness.  Lots coming up so nice not to have a ton going on.  That being said, need to go cook some more and get some other things done around here.