Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prepping for the Storm

Okay, so we live in NC.  Storm is coming.  Being that I have lived near the coast as well as Warren, prepping for snow here is on the realm of prepping for the hurricanes.  The big thing now is the cold.  After hurricanes come through, typically, it is okay to be w/out power and not freeze or burn up too much.  With this storm, a bit different as temps are down.  Chilly.  those in the Midwest, don't make fun of us.  20's & 30's for this area is chilly.  Anyhow, they been saying to prep for a few days w/out power.  If you saw the national news, you saw NC on there and how well they, ahem, handled the traffic when the snow came.  Took Warren three hours to get home.  We live 26 miles from his work.  But, he made it home.  Many had to walk or seek shelter somewhere.  Next part of the storm coming is the ice.  All of us are pretty much waiting to see if we lose power.  We are very lucky in that we have an RV which has power and heat if we need it.  Though, would cost us a pretty penny in gas.  Push comes to shove, it's there.  For now though, just waiting it out.  We have all gotten a bunch done today believe it or not.  All laundry is done. Stuff cleaned out from under t he couch.  -- don't ask.  Coupons clipped.  Paper piles sorted.  Part of a family project started.  Banana bread made.  Laundry detergent made for the next few months.  House cleaned.  Truly, I'm shocked we were that productive in between watching movies or playing outside.  Yesterday, we did a little prepping as well.

Kids had a few friends come over for lunch and it had started to snow then.  Of course they had to go outside and test it out.

Two boys down for the count during a snowball fight.  They had to do lots of scraping in the beginning to even get a snowball to form.

And they are back up ready to go again.

Alex, just before coming in for lunch.

Okay, so we saw something online we had to check out.  Not sure why we just didn't ask Warren first.  No, it won't heat your home folks but if your hands are freezing, it will keep them warm.  Hey, always worth a try.  Let it warm up while we cooked the pizzas.  They only took 15 minutes to cook.

Believe it or not, this pizza was really good.  We usually make our own but for pre-made, this was decent.  Came from Walmart in case you're wondering.

We even experimented to see if aluminum foil would hold in the heat better.  Umm, nope.  We all had fun for a little bit and then it was back to prepping for today.   More posts.  But, if there aren't any for a while, you'll know we lost power at some point.  Enjoy the snow if you have it.  Hoping tomorrow we get to sled some more.  No school.  No work for Warren either.  What are the chances any will sleep in.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Pic Out Takes

And sometimes you just don't get the pics on the first take.  So, figured why not show some for fun.  At one point, they were trying to form a pyramid.  Have a laugh and you'll see why if we get the majority smiling, we go with it.

And, in the next 2 days, we will be hit with another major snow event.  This time bringing lots of ice as well.  Not sure what pics will get but hoping we keep power.  Enjoy your day.

Future Plans and future travels

Oh so much going on at Chaos Manor.  Prepping for a sale of a house and a move is never easy.  But, we're slowly but surely getting there.  Now we also love to travel as you know.  Yes, took us awhile to get to that point with so many FASers but now, now we for the most part enjoy it.  No trip is without incidence.   But overall, been good.  So much so, that we try to do more each year.  So, this year.

Well, these first few months we have soccer season coming up.  Sofie, Alex and Logan will be in one league and Reni, Nik and Summer in another.  Phew.  That's going to be a royal pain but not much we can do about it.  That pretty much has most our spring tied up except for some local events most likely.  Museums, parks and things of that nature will be going on.  April, we are going to TN.  May, we will be going to Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC.  June is of course the end of school and Bulgarian Reunion which is also tied to our big summer vacation.  Wahoo!!!  I am starting to book campgrounds now.  It's on my to do list.  I have to speak to someone in person just due to the sheer # of us going.  Most campgrounds are great about it though.  And, you really can't beat 13 people staying somewhere for $28 to $36 a night!  Mapping out where we may be staying.  Some places we have grown to love and stay each year.  WVA is one of them.  Love finding family campgrounds as well. We are looking at going to the Great Lakes.  Should be a vacation to remember.  Probably one of the lasts before some of my older kids start not coming along.  You know, growing up.  Happens.  Really though, would love to have them with us for at least another year on trips.  We're going to be going to the Halloween Celebration again in Asheboro b/c we had so much stinking fun this past year.  I know there will be a lot of reminders b/c my kids have already stated this was the last big trip they went on with House guest.  I know but nothing we can do and life must go on.  So, we're going.  We will most likely add another camping trip in there in September or November.  Playing it by ear and a lot depends on this move.  Well, that and tax returns.

Started this and never finished it.  Going to possibly get a lot of those posts.  LOL.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Manic Monday

Busy, busy week for us to say the least.  We had a somewhat of a mellow weekend.  Lots to do while tots are napping so here goes:

  • Had some soccer evals this past weekend
  • Trying to find a league for Alex and Logan
  • Preparing for soccer season
  • Yana started Raiders this week and track
  • Max is trying to get all his stuff together for graduation
  • Docs are working on making sure everything up to date on kids before we move (whenever and wherever that will be)
  • Mammogram was normal...wahoo!!!
  • Taking a meal to a friend this week who's battling breast cancer
  • Telephones seem to be dying
  • Had our first house showing this past weekend
  • House is cleaned up, organized, and declutter for the most part inside
  • Over spring break, revamping entire inside of RV
  • Excited about getting to go to TN
  • Potty training a little boy...wish me luck.  LOL
  • Sofie has been free and clear of diapers for awhile now
  • Sofie had her last PPR
  • Need to send pics to social worker
  • Need to get pictures organized for photo albums
  • Bojan reconnected w/ his birth family
  • NC is expecting massive snow storm this week 
  • If no posts, probably means no power 
  • Lots of reservations to be made and things to get done this week
  • Nik has neuro appointment this week
  • I have cardiology appointment tomorrow
  • Art class is tomorrow
  • MIssing someone fierce lately.  Amazing how one little person can have such an impact on your life.  
  • Alyona is playing catch up with work
  • Thinking Alyona may have another CSF leak (symptoms coming back again)
  • Making turkey and stuffing for dinner
  • Special needs support group meeting this evening
  • Speech therapy all week
  • Figuring out how to denounce Russian citizenship for my kids that want to join the military
  • Need to help Max figure the after high school part out
  • Irina still working
  • Valentines Day this week
  • Kids made all their mailboxes for class over the weekend and 100 day projects
  • Need to get field trip money in
  • Still selling stuff but have lightened the load around here considerably
  • Looking for land
  • Settled somewhat on the type of home we want
  • Sofie on steriods is NOT a pretty site!  Reminds me of when Alex is on them.  
  • Prepping the RV in case we lose power in the house
  • Have this nagging feeling our family is not done despite knowing we're done ( and we ARE done Warren, no worries).  Just can't help feeling this way.  Just don't understand it.
  • Digby finally got his bath
  • I am not enjoying reduction in medical benefits this year-- dealing with it and won't get into political discussion on it.  Just know, not a fan.
  • Massive issue w/ Advanced Bionics sending claim to BCBS
  • Needing big check from BCBS to pay us back for what we had to do to get Nik's implants.  
  • Sofie is sick.  Dodged a bullet thus far for ALL of us this fall/ winter season but one finally is down for the count.  Respiratory stuff so no big deal.  Antibiotics and steroids and she'll be good to go again.  
Tons more happening around here but get to more specifics later on.  Just know, very busy this week.  Kids are doing fine.  My high schoolers need to kick it up a notch and kick it into gear.  For one, massive senioritis has set in.  We'll get there.  More to come.  Need to get other things done first today.