Friday, February 7, 2014

Snow Days in NC-- part III

See, I didn't neglect the blog yesterday or today.  Need to keep it up.  You know, so I can have an excuse not to clean the house for the showing tomorrow.  Just kidding.  Kids are coming home from school today and we'll be making it happen.  Shoot, the thought of all of them having their own room sends us all into a frenzy to sell.  Hoping for a 12 bedroom home which just sounds insane to say.  They'll always be room and that's all we'll say about that.  Guests come and go here all the time.  And, if someone needs help, we'll help them out.  Got to remember, most likely, we have a few leaving the house soon and moving on with young adulthood.  More on all that later though.  Right now, it's time to finish the snow pics.  So, here we go.

No, she is not supposed to be shovelling snow.  Granted, Max had come earlier and did most the sidewalk.  

What would an event in our home be without a naked Barbie.  And painting bathing suits on them is just going to mean spilled nail polish I have to clean up.  They do have clothes, they do.  The purple hair is Summer and Sofie's favorite Barbie.  So yes, they fight over it.  She wanted to take it to school so I demanded Barbie gets dressed.  She obliged.  Apparently, she got undressed at school b/c she came home undressed yet again.  LOL.  Course, every home I go to has dolls without clothes so not complaining.  

Alyona with a ball of snow....for eating.  Not throwing.  No, never throwing.  Ha!

Nik getting to make some wicked snowball.  This kid is totally out of a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon.  

Reni falling off the sled when I snapped it.  

Was time for some more sledding.  This time, in the middle of the road.  

Alex trying to get Bojan up the hill.  Bojan does have tremendous trouble still on the ice.  Still getting used to being a double amputee.  

Nik headed down.  Fearless.

Okay, may get yelled at for this pic but after everyone came in later in the afternoon, some took a nap.  Nothing wrong w/ that!  Caught Yana and Sofie taking a nap.  Thought it was sweet.  Hey, you catch a rare moment, you take it.  LOL.

What day in the snow would not be complete w/ snow cream.  Made and stored a pile.  We still have some.  Going to let them eat it Valentine's Day.  

All in all, we had a fantastic time in the snow here in NC.  School was cancelled for three days.  Yes, three days.  But, we enjoyed every minute of it.  Though, cabin fever sets in towards the end.  More posts to come.  Showing the house tomorrow so lots to do tonight!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow Days in NC-- Part II

And back to snow days.  We all went our separate ways.  Kids went to death hill.  Well, the huge hill in our neighborhood where everyone goes to sled.  You can reach truly lightening fast speeds.  This snow wasn't really that good for it.  Last time, we had a sheet of ice adn then snow.  People would guard mailboxes b/c if you hit one, you were knocked out.  yes, that fast.  But, kids told me not this time.  Figured as ice.  It's one of those hills that when you walk down it, you dread walking up it.  LOL.  Anyhow, I took the little kids sledding.  Warren was not up to sledding and plus, was actually working from home.  So, off we went to our culdesac next door.  Big hill there but not 'death hill.'  This one is more for the little kids who are still daring.  Going to really miss this neighborhood in the snow.

Sofie getting ready to go.  She insisted on carrying the big sled.

Summer pushing Alyona down.  I let her go.  I know, I know, she's not supposed to do this yet.  Wasn't the big hill.  

The little hill they were going donw.  Nice, huh?

Alex trying to lug Reni and Nik up.  He had just come back from Death Hill.  Disappointed.  Poor kid wanted a huge hill.  Daredevil as well.

Summer enjoying her taste of snow.

Kids coming back in for a hot cocoa break.  I had made pancakes and sausage for breakfast.

Nik enjoying hot cocoa and marshmallows.

More of the hot cocoa break.  Sunlight provided.

perfect time for a nap later.  Max in the new chair.  They love the new chair.  Found it on one of our local yardsale sites.  Lazy Boy for $30!  After hot cocoa, we all watched a movie before heading back out yet again.

Snow Days in NC-- a rarity (part 1)

Unlike the northern states, when southerners get snow, they savor it.  Why?  Because it is such a rarity that we get snow, we enjoy every bit of it from start to finish.  Yes, kids down here will sled till there is mud.  Kid you not.  Just the way it goes.  We set out the bowls the night before to have fresh snow cream the very next day.  We LOVE snow in the south b/c it is so rare and so short lived, we want to be buried in it.  We fit all the snow activities in one short day b/c we know here, it most likely won't be around but a day or two.  So, the anticipation when the news says snow is almost too much for kids and parents alike to bare. 

He couldn't even wait to get outside.  So, barefeet and all, he went out to see the first snow fall.

Pics stuck together.  Nik and Summer trying to catch snowflakes.  I did the same thing that evening.   Bojan and I went on a walk.  Talking, catching snowflakes.  Then, I came back w/ him and I HAD to test the snow to see if we could sled the next morning.  So, I went sledding a few times.  First one down at 11 something at night.  Peaceful, fun and awesome.  I was met with "really, Mom?"  Oh well.  And how can you not love snow when waking up and seeing this??  It is just beautiful.  Makes you want to play and enjoy life to the fullest before the snow melts.  We love it!

Since the big kids always go hang out with their friends and I rarely see them the rest of the day, I make them take a group shot for kicks or they can't go w/ friends.  They oblige.

Nik is starting to hang more with Alex and Logan b/c he's our daredevil.  Needs the big kid thrill.  So, here he is w/ a soccer ball before he hauls off.

Alyona in the snow.  Sweet...for now.

Irina also loving the snow day and day off work.

Sofie ready for playing.  She was NOT a fan of the cold. Wanted to come back in right away.

Normally, Max and Bojan do this every single time it snows.  This time, he enlisted a friend.

They stick their heads in the snow to see who can last the longest.  I won't give you my opinion on this b/c well, frankly it is self-explanatory.

Bojan won.  Though I personally would not call freezing your face off winning.  Logan taking it all in. 

Wow! Did life ever get away.

So, been a long time since I wrote on here.  For me, it's probably been the longest blog break but was totally needed.  Our life got a little more crazier than usual and as I've always said, this has got to be last priority and kids come first.  Plus, snow days.  Hey, in NC, that is a huge deal.  We are showing our home for the first time this Saturday.  Excitement is in the air b/c we know typically, the first showing will tell you what folks don't like about the house and gives you a chance to do some changes for next time.  Average here for selling a home I believe is 6 months so we have a ways to go if we are to be normal.  Course, when have we ever done 'normal' before?  So much to tell you all.  IEP meeting to school stuff to child wanting independence to Bojan speaking w/ his bio sibs via Facebook to having trouble w/ AB and getting our $20K back for implants to all sorts of things happening at once.  Literally seemed to be all at once.  Not to mention last few days sinuses and I have not been getting along too well.  Can not wait to share quite a few happenings.  Right now, Yana needs to print something off.  Will most definitely be back on here w/ posts.  I'm in a writing mood and since I can't lay down and actually breathe, I may be up here awhile writing posts.  LOL.  Much, much more to come to be sure!  And pictures.  Let's not forget snowday pictures!!!  Here's one to go on:

Summer enjoying some snow time.  Can't wait to share all the pics.