Saturday, January 18, 2014

Old house/ new house

So, we have decided to move.  Something that has been in the works for three years now.  Plans were to do it last year but with Sofie and Houseguest here, plans most definitely changed.  Back to the fact we need to sell.  Need a little more space to do what we want to do.  We want to be able to grow a bit of our own food.  Can't do that in the yard we have even though we have an acre.  Some of our kids when older will not be leaving home.  Need the house to adjust with growing needs of the older kids.  We need some more cost cutting ideas that just can't happen in this home.  That being said, moving is the best option for us at the moment.  Max has been playing around with designs.  Here is the house we're in:

This is our current home.  It is not small one bit.  It's around 3400 sq. ft.  However, when we moved in, we had two kids and it was designed for that.  We've made it work over the years.  A different set up altogether would be in our family's best interest as well as the interest of others who seem to stay w/ us from time to time.  We always seem to have visitors throughout the year.  

I should have shown the floor plan that he came up with first b/c it would make the outside make more sense.  I actually am not quite sure what part of the house this is.  LOL.

A row of bedrooms.  There is a wing on each side of the main part of the house.

A closer view of things.  Umm, I'm guessing Max wants satellite.  LOL.  He drew a dish in!

One of the side doors.  Love Max's take on the lights he wants for the house.

Front door.  Someone is going to be doing a lot of window washing.

Looks partially like a barn I would say.  These are just drawings Max is doing to give us more of a vision of what we possibly want our home to look like.  Nothing is set in stone and truly everything hinges on the sale of this house.  We can dream all we want but can't do two house payments so one has to happen before the other can.  Our systems are not built here to accommodate 13 people.  Don't get me wrong, it works, just we could get it to work better for our family by having a different set up.  Sturdier things for example when someone w/ braces or no legs can grab and pull up.  It's the little things we want to incorporate in this home that will make a difference.  There will be room for the teens to have more of a rec room area and also a space for more of a therapy room for those who could use it.  Lots of ideas, lots of things we can do but can only take it one step at a time.  First step, listing the house.  Give you the link when we have it.  Going to be a life changing year for sure!   These are all ideas flowing in our heads of what we want in our new house.   It's kind of cool to see Max bring some to life.  Really should put the floor plan on.

Such a slacker I am!

Blog has been slightly neglected this week.  However, we're trying to get our house on the market, kids are having exams, Nik's new CI's made his head raw and frankly, a lot of other little happenings that made the blog fall to the wayside to allow life to catch up.  sorry folks, but not all rainbows and unicorns here.  This is real life!  But, over the hump and ready to keep going.

Busy week for sure.  Right now, working on selling things still around the house.  How the world you make a house look like 13 people don't live here, I'll never know.  That poor RV is getting filled up.  Acting more as a storage unit at the moment.  Not camping till spring so have a few months.  Selling things as I go along. Getting things in order school wise. 

Alyona is having a little bit of a complication after surgery.  Calling surgeon next week to see if it's permanent or just part of the healing process.  Hoping for the latter.  Warren is fine now as is Reni.  Warren has one more post op to go.  Otherwise, all are healthy and hope to stay that way.  Logan and Alex had eye exams this past week.  Neither need glasses so we're good there.  Have gotten to talk w/ a few friends this week and made it really nice.

This week, it was my birthday.  The above cake was made by my friend's daughters for me.  It was chocolate w/ chocolate chips, butter cream icing and crushed candies on top.  Sweet is an understatement.  We all ate it and loved it.  My friend Jennifer even took me out for Chinese for lunch!  Was wonderful to get out w/ a friend.  Sofie loves crab ragoons and chicken w/ sweet & sour sauce.  My kids sang happy birthday to me that evening.  Was a very pleasant day.  Little Guy's family even gave us a gift card to go out to lunch with.  So, at some point Warren and I are going to Applebee's for dinner.  How awesome is that?!  

I will catch up over hte weekend.  But, with selling a lot of items and trying to coordinate pick ups and the like, it makes time a little hard to come by.  Just know, all are healthy here and all are starting to come around to the fact that we're going to move.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Manic Monday

Well, we survived a weekend.  We made Saturday a lazy day for sure.  Though we did manage to go to Sam's and restock a few groceries.  Is it sad they recognize you there?  Kids loved the fact that I got jumbo candy canes.  A 12 pack on sale for $1.91.  And delicious at that.

  • Working on scheduling Sofie's PPR
  • Logan and Alex have eye appointments tomorrow
  • Realtor comes today....wahoo!!!
  • Looking for land or an older home
  • Making preliminary plans for house and speaking to builders soon
  • Can't build our own until we sell this one
  • Alyona has recovered nicely
  • Selling lots of things around the house
  • Vet comes this week
  • Speech therapy this week
  • My birthday this week
  • Ready to change our lives
  • Spoke with a wonderful friend on Friday
  • Still recovering from our heart break from houseguest leaving
  • Kids are healthy
  • Having fun trying to design what we want/need in new house
  • Kids driving me crazy
  • Thinking of future for my kids
  • High schoolers have exams this week
More going on but only so much time to write today. More to come!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Get Well Wish

The other day, Alyona received a get well gift in the mail from a blog reader.  Alyona was SO excited.  I made her wait till the next day to open b/c I knew whatever was in it would probably not allow her to sleep b/c she'd be too anxious to play/ use it.  She agreed to go to bed.  But the very next day, Alyona was not about to allow me to forget about the box. 

Alyona opening the package which was taped really well.

Getting her first peek of what is inside the box.

Alyona looking at all the goodies that were inside.

Alyona found the sweet letter that came with it.

She just started saying "ooh, I really need bookmarks!"  She actually did.

Face says it all.  It's clothes.

Alyona with one of her shirts.

Matroshka writing paper.  Very cute and encourages letter writing.  Love it!

Little Russian dolls she thought were so cute.

Wished you could have seen teh expression on her face for this one.  VERY happy.

Alyona said Alex will love these!  Christmas peeps.

Stickers made Sofie's day.  She felt like she got a gift too.

These were the cute little Matroshka chapstick dolls.  Have never seen them before but how cute!

At the end Alyona said " I feel SO special."  And truly Rebecca, you made her feel happy and put a smile on her face.  Package came at just the right time.  Great pick me up for post op!  Thanks for thinking of Alyona during a difficult healing period.

Christmas 2013-- part IV (aftermath)

Finally getting around to the end of Christmas posts.  I've been a tad busy lately.  After presents, I got ready to make breakfast and frankly, looked forward to seeing daylight at that point. 

Not too much paper, huh?  I love, love, love having the santa bags versus wrapping every single little thing.

 Another shot of the aftermath of gift opening. 

Nik playing w/ the gyroscope he got.  Everyone loved that thing.

And this is when they discovered there is a button that makes it light up.

Summer, loving her new flower chair.

Time for a breakfast break.  homemade egg mcmuffins.  Yum.

Dog gone dog went and buried all the bones he got for Christmas.  Yep, Digby buried his AND Alaska's!

Sofie w/ her new remote control car.  It is really a cool one that she can operate even w/ reduced motor control.  Love it!

Nik painting.  

Nik tries to do this all the time now when I take a picture.  He'll smile and then as soon as he sees the light, makes a face b/c he knows the camera will take the shot.

Summer and Sofie have so much fun with these beads.  They are awesome for motor control and just really cute.  We've made quite a few things and remade them.  

Angry Bird Pillow.  

The balloon artist at work on his very first balloon.

Umm, not sure what it is but for a first creation that didn't pop, not bad.

Summer liked her balloon hat too.

I asked Sofie what this was b/c she wanted something to wear.  Max made her this.  Sofie told me it's a bra.  4 years old and told me it's a bra.  Yep, I'm in trouble.  Maybe too many older sisters.  

We had a good Christmas.  It was a hard week but a good week.  Kids recieved some of their Christmas wishes and then some.  Relaxing day and nice.  Very, very nice.  Merry Christmas to all!