Sunday, December 14, 2014

We love a parade!

Well, we had a pretty low key weekend.  Cleaned up quite a bit in the house and just really relaxed.  No more so than on Saturday.  We had to get ready to go though as our local town was having their annual Christmas Parade.  parking is always the biggest problem and with Big Bird (our big yellow van), even a bigger problem.  Told the kids be prepared to walk.  And walk we did.  We had one extra with us that day.  Max and Alex were working so they didn't come and Logan hung out w/ a friend.  So, mostly a girls' day out.  Beautiful weather. 

Nik and Alyona waiting for the parade to start.

Summer and Sofie (on right) enjoying time with friends.

One of the parade floats.  They handed out coupons for free hot dogs :)  Kids were disappointed b/c this year, hardly anyone was throwing out the candy.

Someone from Guiness World Records was there at the parade as well for the world's largest band.  A bunch of our local high schools all got together to do it.  Kind of neat.  Over 700 people I think I heard someone say.  Cool to watch.  We all watched.  Little Guy did okay.  Had a hard time with some parts.  Best part was this is the FIRST time he rode in his stroller w/ out head banging.  Love it!  Just was a very pleasant afternoon.

We came home and I made hot cocoa for everyone and cookies.  We watched a movie that night and just relaxed.  Was awesome.  A friend online sent a surprise that day.  Said here are some "adoption necessities" for travel for our upcoming court date.  It was a Subway and Starbucks gift card.  Very thoughtful and so needed.  Travel and court are sneaking up on us.  Little Guy will become a Boyd very, very soon.  Can't wait.  For now, it was just wonderful relaxing for an afternoon and watching the kids ooh and ahh at the parade.  Next weekend there is a special needs Santa event.  This Christmas Season is just going way too fast for us.  

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