Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oven....down for the count!

Recently, we received a Christmas gift.  Used it to purchase a new oven/ stove.  We had gotten a super duper deal from the Lowes clearance section.  No hesitation b/c frankly, most our stuff in the house has come from there anyhow.  So, we purchased the stove.  Brought it home. 

See, nice and shiny and pretty.  Uh, huh.  Had to wait a few days to plug it in as simply have time constraints here.  We had no fears though.  

Installed and ready to cook!  Stove worked fantastic.  Then, bojan got a big box of brownies for a present.  Went to put them in the oven.  Nothing.  Thought maybe it was the new digital controls that we are not used to.  Nope.  Oven was ice cold.  Nothing.  

So today I called Lowes.  They said call Fridgedaire.  Called the service people.  They can't do anything till they get a faxed copy of my receipt. Doing that tomorrow.  Then, they can schedule someone to come out here. Earliest...Monday.  So, no Christmas cookie making for us.  No cookies for Santa unless we buy them.  May just buy a box of Oreos.  Turkey is thawing in the fridge but at least we have a roaster to put that in.  Just kind of bummed.  Hoping they can fix it and don't give us a hard time b/c it was a clearance item.  Even if clearanced, should be held up to standards.  Shoot, you can tell the stove hadn't been cooked on even.  Kids were excited to have a stove w/ a handle on it again.  LOL.  Grand scheme of things, this is something so minor.  Otherwise, love the new oven.  

Much more to come post wise the next few days as we are home.  Right now, getting ready to go out shopping w/ Warren.  Oy.  Wish us luck and hoping no crowds.  Can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  Really can't.

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