Thursday, December 11, 2014

Meadow Lights

Every year we visit a local light show.  It's great with the train ride, trip to Santa and an old fashioned candy store that we always spend way too much on.  But, brings smiles to young and old so we go.  And where else can you go for just $2 a person and do all that?!  I have some group shots but can not post yet.  In time folks, in time.

Summer and camera hog Alyona.  She is into photobombing pictures now and we're all annoyed.

Again, photobomber.  Good one of Nik and Irina though.

Lights galore!  Beautiful at night on the train.

Warren looking around.  Typically it is packed but we went the weekend after Thanksgiving and on Sunday night.  Empty!  Doing that again next year for sure.  Normally, you can't walk in here there are that many people. 

Dazed deciding on candy.  He will hate me for that picture.

Bojan being funny but I think he just ticked off Logan.  LOL.

Buds just hanging out.  

Oh and did Sofie, Summer and Nik have things to tell Santa.  They were just so dog gone excited.  Fun times.  We really did enjoy ourselves. 

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