Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Manic Monday-- a tad late

I know.  Thanksgiving got the best of us.  More on that one in a bit.  Do a short post and then get to pictures next post.  Here goes our week:

  • heart appointment for mom (all good!)
  • speech/OT/PT for five of the kids
  • Bojan was measured for his new liner (running legs are in)
  • Christmas tree is up w/ lights and partially decorated
  • youth group this week
  • Story time this week
  • Little Guy gets his helmet
  • Irina has big appointment at Duke
  • boys working again
  • been selling things we don't need;  buying things we do
  • going to a Christmas event this week
  • Warren & my anniversary
  • searching for a frog hat for Summer-- more on that
Okay, tons more but need to get started on other posts for sure!  See you in a bit.  Promised myself I wouldn't stay up as girls have story time tomorrow morning, therapy and we have youth group in the evening.

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