Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Manic Monday on Tuesday

Time to get back into the swing of things.  Just been busy, busy busy this week and past weekend.  So, I'll do this post, get dinner for everyone and then maybe a few more posts this evening.  For now, here goes Manic Monday:

  • gave kids pop quiz on the Industrial revolution.  They did terrible.  Not happy.
  • kids have caught spring fever and it's not even spring yet!
  • no Christmas shopping done
  • van in shop today for a recall
  • car in shop tomorrow for a recall
  • friends came over yesterday
  • haven't scheduled family Christmas photo yet
  • kids got great surprise in the mail today
  • need to do surveys
  • Little Guy's helmet doesn't fit right
  • waiting for Bojan's liners so we can get running legs & new knee
  • Nik's implants are broken again
  • Warren has heart check up
  • House guest has dance this week
  • allergy testing for me this week (yuck)
  • ortho for me this week
  • local Christmas Parade this weekend
  • need to figure out soccer/ spring sports for kids this week
  • need to figure out new classes for kids next semester 
  • still awaiting genetics results from Duke
  • our Christmas lights are pretty much done.  All these years, we just don't really have that many left.  Next year, need to replenish our supply.
  • need to do surveys
  • lots on the mind lately
  • youth group on Wednesday and Sunday
  • ready for our final adoptions to be done
  • PPR's are pretty much done
  • Irina bought herself a new ipad
  • Max bought his first ipod
a bunch of little things going on that have kept us super  busy.  Trying to get many loose ends tied up.  Travelling soon for Little Guy's adoption.  Thrilled.  Have to fill you all in on a few things happening around Chaos Manor soon.  Again, this season is a little busy.   But, will try my best to blog as it keeps me sane believe it or not.  more to come later this evening.

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