Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Houseguest Performs!

Houseguest is 13yo.  Been here for quite some time now and doing great.  She is enrolled in a dance class and loves it.  Well, last week they had their first performance at a local tree lighting ceremony.  All of us went to see her. 

Since I can't show houseguest or pics w/ Little Guy in them, I am limited on selection here.  But, this is Summer w/ her festive headband on.

Sofie really enjoying her seat on her brother's shoulders.  Alex was a great sport for doing this.

Sofie mesmerized by her sister dancing.

Alyona being Alyona.  All smiles.  Well, unless her sisters and her are fighting.  LOL.  

We all had a good time at the dance.  Short but sweet and House guest was all smiles.  And that's what it's all about.  Glad her sibs came out to support her.  Just was pleasant.  Since we missed Santa, on Saturday I took the little kids to see him.  Sans camera just to enjoy the moment.  They loved it!  Even got goodie bags.  It's the simple things my kids love.   And for that, I'm grateful as sometimes a simple moment has the most meaning.  More posts tomorrow.  Sorry only three tonight.  Life happens.

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