Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Helmet Head

Okay, so Little Guy is a head banger.  Many years ago when we first got Max, he was a head banger.  But nothing to the extent of looking guy as Little Guy is sensory seeking.  It was decided by us, neuro team at Duke and all his therapists that for his protection, a helmet would be the best choice for now.  And after I tried to change his diaper in a restroom once w/ no diaper changer table, I have to agree.  So, last Friday we went to pick up the helmet. 

Now, knew it didn't fit right off the bat as the back of his head is flat as a pancake and they didn't cast him for it.  So, no custom fit.  They said we put padding on the inside and cut to fit.  Had him walk around w/ it on, went back in the room and told them where it poked his ear and needed trimming.  They did it and we were on our way home.  Instructions of gradually getting him used to it. 

Next day, we had therapy.  She and I agreed not a good fit at all for him.  Do not like the big cushion on the front.  NOT where he needs the protection.  Also, we tried hats to not make it so loose and other ideas to no avail.  Tomorrow, I'll be calling and saying we need major adjustments please.  For now though, getting him used to it.

Back/ side view of the helmet.

Hard shell on the outside, all padding on the inside.  Big thing in front is what we all agree must go.  AFfects his vision and walking and is really unnecessary.

Back view.  It will work.  It will.  We just need to tweak it a bit more and that's not a big deal.  Definitely will keep the head safe and that's what we all wanted.  He is super cute no matter what you put on him though. 

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