Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Heart Healthy

Yesterday, I tried to cancel my cardiology appointment.  See, I went in spring and am due to go yearly.  However, my cardiologist passed away shortly thereafter & in order to establish at a new place so you can get meds filled, you must see another one.  Wanted to cancel b/c I had no choice that day but to take 9 kids with me.  Usually, leave the older ones behind unless I sense it would not be a good idea that day.  Trust me, you can tell.  Sure enough, I knew.  Called the new place and they said come anyhow.  Told them you realize there will be nine of them. 

Just knew the bp would be up just walking in there.  Got everyone settled.  Right off the bat Sofie discovered the tissues.  She has a little cold.  She blew her nose and snuck said snotty tissue back in the box!  I told the office I'd bring a  new box next week.  Went back and they took bp 127/ 74 and EKG perfectly normal.  The cardiologist said and why did you start seeing a cardiologist to begin with?  He was surprised to see me there.  So, no need to come back for at least a year unless there is a problem.  He said if changes, just call and schedule something. 

When finished, I did go back to the waiting room and tell the kids when they asked me how I was "doc told me you are stressing mom out and have to help a whole lot more."  Nurse nodded in agreement.  LOL.  I know, that was mean but so worth it after all the attitude from the morning.  Heart healthy, now to just get in shape and keep it that way!

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  1. I no longer see a cardiologist but with my blood pressure, you have to give me 10ish minutes and talk to me to relax me before you can take my real blood pressure. It was 159/95 the other day, think the nurse panicked, but my mum explained and I left with normalish bp!