Sunday, December 21, 2014

Flipping for Frogs

Summer is our frog girl for those that don't know. She loves frogs.  Why?  Not sure but she loves them.  See, when we went to get her from Bulgaria, I went with Irina and we went to Target.  This was years ago.  Actually, think there were more of us there but can't remember.  Anyhow, found this cute frog hat and had to get it.  She wore it the whole time we were there.

Summer even wore her hat in the restaurants.  LOL.  Can we say nervous??

Summer with her frog hat on all those years ago.  Notice, it's a little big.  

A little while ago, I posted something on facebook about Summer's favorite hat getting too small and for people to be on the lookout for a replacement hat.  We recently received this cute hat in he mail from an old high school friend of mine.  Sweet Kelly sent her this hat!

She was super excited to try it on and see her new hat.

That day was not just one package for Summer, but two from two different people!  What are the odds?!  She thought it was Christmas.

She pulled it out of the package and was just giggling and smiling.  A hat from a dear friend, Jo.

That look says it all.  Likes the tongue a lot though I have to tell her not to pull it.  LOL.

Sofie is equally excited that she now gets Summer's frog hat on the left.  These two new hats I guarantee will be used for years upon years to come.  And boy are they warm!  I love them and the generous hearts that sent them.  Made a little girl's week to be sure.  Thank you to two very thoughtful friends with hearts of gold. 

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