Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dog days and decorating

Time to get back to blogging here.  Today, Thursday, was rather busy.  Both recalls were fixed.  then I took 5 of the kids to the dentist for work to be done.  Poor Summer, 4 teeth pulled!  Came home with therapies for four of the kids and then friends came over to hang out with the kids.  Warren went to the cardiologist and also received a good report.  Kids went to bed at a some what decent hour this evening so time to do a little writing tonight.

One day, Alaska fell asleep on Alex.

Seriously, not sure which one was more tired.

Alex trying to hold up the tree.  We put an angel up but when Max tried to straighten it up, the tree was falling.  so now we have an angel that looks like she's leaping off the tree.  Bojan called it a leap of faith.  Funny.

Irina just hanging out after work one day.  Little Guy's favorite thing is to throw all the ball pit balls out of his play pen. 

My redneck decorators ready to work.  Got to love decorating in pajamas.  Such class my kids have.  Nik has shorts on.  Yes, it's actually cold out.  And they could care less.

Not sure what Logan was trying to say here.

Both the boys checking their work.

Not sure why the pics stuck together.  Top one is of course Nik mid-sentence.

Some of our stockings.  Not all were up yet as we needed more nails.  

Decorating was slack this year.  After years upon years, our lights are just dead.  We truly need new Christmas lights for outside and decorations.  I miss all our Christmas stuff.  Still recovering from that hot water heater bursting under the house years ago and destroying all the Christmas stuff.  But, we put up what we have.  Just gives me a good excuse to be on the look out for Christmas stuff all year round.  And that's not a bad thing.  We all really enjoy this time of year.  Christmas Parade is this weekend!  

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