Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Big, big things happening around here

There is so much going on at Chaos Manor all at once and a few curve balls this week, that the blog is the last thing on the mind.  We are at the tail end of one of our adoptions and getting arrangements for travel and things of that nature.  Just simply busy.  Throw in Christmas, Irina's birthday, and a broken oven and well, blog is a non-essential.  That being said, it's New Year's and time for more resolutions to keep up with this blog.  LOL.  Most on here though are on FB and better at keeping up w/ FB as you just write short sentences there. 

Our last post was a broken oven.  Still broken.  Lowes said Frigidaire will fix it.  Frigidaire said Lowes would fix it.  Warren then went in to speak with the manager yesterday.  Well, he said their repair people will fix two weeks!  Earliest appointment available is supposedly January 16th.  No cookies, no cakes, no casseroles, no baked meatballs, not as many choices.  Frustrating.  Got so bad that today Bojan asked if it is possible to grill brownies.  Anyone want to drop off baked goodies, please feel free.  We miss our oven!!  I can't make pizza or anything.  And for the inconvenience of someone else coming to stay at our home to watch our kids and not being able to cook, not good.  Maybe I should stand in Lowes with pans full of batter waiting to be baked.  Trying to be patient but really, this is getting annoying.  We understand part of it is the holidays but if you can guarantee delivery same day, why not be able to fix it in less than a few weeks time.  Just my two cents really. 

We stayed home tonight and really relaxed.  Watched Cold Case, CSI and things like that.  Kids are into it.  Most hung out with friends today.  Decided to go to the museum this week.  I have been trying to plan all sorts of things happening all at once.  And until next week is done, not saying what everything is.  We do have court at some time next week for Little Guy.  It should become official then.  I can not wait.  Tons to share, including pictures.  Since I am going nowhere tomorrow, perfect day to do some posts.  Stay tuned.

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