Saturday, December 20, 2014

Arts and Crafts

Lately, we have been blessed with a variety of gifts.  Most recently, some craft items.  in addition, our therapists do some arts and crafts with the kids.  Thought I'd share a few on here.

Our OT worked on these with Sofie and Summer.  This one above is Nik's b/c he wanted to join in.

Sofie and Summer's as well.

Ms. Kimberly brought a box full of goodies.  This loom kit was a hit with Nik.

Sofie holding up a baby doll.  Yes, why of course the child is naked.  It's in our house, you know.

THis truly was a huge hit with Nik.  He could do this all day if you let him.  Ahh, second naked baby doll in the background.

Girls enjoying some bead time.  They love making necklaces.

The young kids had a blast with these paint magnets.  LOved doing this.  Summer about lost her mind when she saw they had a frog to paint.

Sofie getting ready to show off her creation.

She made a turtle and was quite proud.  Was sweet to be given these arts and crafts.  So good for the kids to build skills with and have fun with at the same time.

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