Wednesday, December 3, 2014

And the Christmas Tree Arrived

Well, it's Christmas Time here and we always get a tree from a local farmer.  No exception this year.  Usually takes a few of the boys to bring it in. 

Tree got in without much incident.  There was debate on how crooked it was.  Don't ask.  

Nik of course wanted his picture taken in front of the tree first.  He loves this time of year.

Lights went on courtesy of Max.  Then, we started on some ornaments.

All the good pics I have have Houseguest or Little Guy in them.  So, this is a partial of Reni getting ready to reach some high spots with ornaments.

Nice clean quilt drying so of course the dog has to lay on it.  She could care less about the tree.  It is the stockings she wants for the treats.

Reni took one w/ the lights on it.  Was only partially decorated.  Forgive the pile of stuff every which way. We now have an angel I found at a consignment store today.  However, she now looks like she's leaping off the tree.  Bojan called it the leap of faith.  LOL.

I couldn't resist.  I bought into commercialism.  Well, marketing.  Aren't they cute?!  So, diapers.  Have to have them anyhow.  These were the Target generic brand.  To be honest though, don't like them as much as the loves. 

Christmas decorations are slowly but surely going up around here.  Starting to look like Christmas for sure.  Even went to Meadow Lights.  More on that one shortly. 

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