Saturday, December 20, 2014

Allergy Testing and Results

Okay, so this week has been busy.  Today, I took 11 kids with me to the allergist's office including one extra.   It was an experience in patience.  We were not planning on being there two and a half hours!  They did well all things considering.  Trouble is, the older ones were the patients so not like they could assist much. So, Warren was kind enough to call into work and help me out.  He went to work later.  I will cut  to the chase.  I took six kids to be allergy tested.  Only 4 got tested even though all 6 really needed it.  Long story with that one.  Anyhow, Max, Alex, Nik, Little Guy, Summer and Sofie were all allergy consults.  4 were tested as they ran out of time.  URGHH!!!  Deductible was met this year.  Starts over in January and you all know what that means.  Nice timing folks.  But, at least 4 were done that I wanted done. Got the priority ones I thought done first.

Max has a job where he is unfortunately surrounded by his enemies..dust and mold day in and day out.  He has bought a respirator for his job and goggles.  He will be started on eye drops, allergy meds and nose spray.  His reaction were the most severe I'd ever seen.  The welts were incredible size.  Alex has a ton of allergies.  Maybe I can get him to not look like he's on drugs.  Dark circles, watery eyes look isn't becoming.  So, he'll be going on meds.  Doc wanted to do another under the skin test  on Alex for dogs since it came back negative.  Doc was shocked all mine came back negative for dog given we have two dogs here.  I told him it was an unnecessary test as the dogs are going nowhere.  Really, scratch test was completely negative and I saw no point.  Onto Nik who used to have severe asthma as a kid.  But, thought his was more allergy related and right now, it is.  However, we are treating with singulair and forget what else.  And then we have Sofie.  See, her previous doc in another city tested her w/ all sorts of allergies.  Our doc tested and she had none and I found that very, very suspicious.  So, wanted her tested again b/c she shows ALL allergy signs as well as I think she has mild asthma.  She tested positive for quite a few as well.  Doc agrees w/ me that she may be mildly asthmatic.  I asked for a peak flow meter but didn't get one.  Will borrow one as I really want to check her output.  He put her on meds as well and gave her an inhaler.  I said no to all of them for allergy shots. Told him one thing at a time and that I may some things that may seem unconventional.  I take a teaspoon of raw local honey a day.  Also, essential oils.  I have not had trouble.  Neti pot too.  Though I know Nik and Sofie could not do the neti pot.  We will see how they all do.  Then, in a few weeks, get Little Guy and Summer tested. 

Came home and had lunch and let kids play.  Checked older kids' school work and we definitely need to review irregular verbs.  The little boy I babysit for stayed for quite awhile which was wonderful as our kids really get along well.  His mom brought pizza for dinner tonight and we all just hung out.  I let the kids make sugar cookies too.  Then we had popcorn and a movie.  Bojan spent the night with a friend so he's not here.  Max and Alex are working tomorrow.  Therapist comes for Little Guy.  6 of our kids receive therapy so we have therapists at the home 5 out of 6 days.  Lucky we all like each other.  LOL.  Taking the kids to see Santa this weekend and kids have youth group.  Getting things done here and there.  Yet, definitely not Christmas ready.  We'll get there. 

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