Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A few 'problems' here

Every once in awhile, you run into problems.  Like, how to convince a kid not to share his bed...

Nik, with his Minecraft Man he created out of Kinex.  Next day, he decided the man needed the entire bed and he actually slept on the floor!  yes, Nik slept on the floor and Minecraft Man slept on the bed.  Now that's a problem.

Another problem.  Summer is growing way to fast!  Okay, so Summer loves frogs for whatever reason.  Frog hats, stuffed animals, hopped like a frog today, etc.  Not sure where this came from.  Anyhow, I bought this frog hat for her before pick up trip in Bulgaria.  She was just 4yo.  She has gotten 3  years out of this hat and keeps wearing it no matter what new hats she gets.  So, trying to search ebay or see if someone can knit one.  It can not be the same size obviously.  Working on this issue now before winter really sets in.  Ha!  Winter in NC.  Contradiction in terms.

Went to the bread outlet the other day.  This is the extra that would not fit in the freezer.  So, for the first time telling the kids they can eat as much toast as they want for snack.  Slowly, getting room in the freezer.  $2 for an entire garbage bag FULL of bread!  Not really a problem when you think about it.  

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