Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Working Thanksgiving?

Okay, been reading various feeds on the stores being open Thanksgiving bit.  My take on it and  you probably won't like it.  Here goes.  I've worked retail in the past.  I worked holidays.  I LOVED working holidays.  Why?  It was the chance for me to get paid extra and put it toward my family for Christmas.  We had a choice if we wanted to work Thanksgiving.  And if we did choose to work, we all decided whether we wanted to have the meal early or later in the evening.  Those who wanted an early meal w/ family came in and worked later that afternoon.  Those who wanted an evening meal worked the morning shift.  The atmosphere was friendly, customers always brought a ton of goodies in b/c they felt sorry for you working on the holiday.  People were nicer that day and it was just well, a pleasant work environment.  I worked in the mornings on Thanksgivng, enjoyed  a day at work, came home and had wonderful meal and time with my family.  And got extra perks to boot at work!  Not everyone can take off on holidays.  I don't see folks whining to give police officers or hospital workers the day off.  And when you work one holiday, most places will give you the next holiday off.  I used to always track which of my employees worked which holiday so they'd never pull two holidays in a row.  Some people, like me years ago, actually wanted to work holidays.  BTW, when people are hired in retail, they are told at the beginning what is expected and that they may have to work some holidays.  And on the flipside, some people have limited time with family and they get a kick out of shopping together.  Years ago when I was younger, we had many fun-filled memories shopping with my aunt at the mall, getting something good to eat and sharing laughs.  So yes, I can see BOTH sides. It is nice to stay and be with family.  I think for the most part though, stores give you an option.  At least the ones I worked for did.  And that was multiple stores.  I would think a happy compromise would be, if you want to work, fine.  If not, take the day off.  My two cents worth nothing in today's market.  LOL.  Happy Thanksgving whether you are working or not.  Enjoy it either way. 

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