Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Gee, this week is just escaping me.  Already Thursday.  Truly, been busy beyond belief. Trying to tie up loose lawyer ends and paperwork.  Things of that nature eat up some time.  And lots of therapy going on.  Kids had last Spanish class, tae kwon do class, and Civil War class.  So, little time to do Thoughtful Thursday but putting down what I can remember off the cuff.  More later. 

Irina-- went to help Nik sort ALL his legos.  

Max-- went to help a friend of mine move a bed to an attic.  Was thoughtful of him to do this for me. 

Bojan-- he has seen some of the homeschoolers struggling with reading comprehension and such.  He's gone to a few of them asking if they needed help on their book reports.  

Houseguest-- went to help Nik sort ALL his legos.  Trust me, a big job with all those little pieces. 

Nik-- made his friend a present.  He also saw Summer struggling with the laundry basket and went over to help her carry it.

Summer-- wanted to share her gum with me

Sofie-- Came over to give Little Guy kisses. Very thoughtful of her.  He was crying and she just wanted to make him better.  

Little Guy-- definitely giving affection.  Hugs and trying to sign I love  you.  (lots of imitating going on lately).  Also, fed me a goldfish cracker

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