Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

I have not done one of these in awhile.  It's time.  And this time, I won't get to all the kids simply b/c I have forgotten to do this.  Usually, I keep better track.  For those new, we have multiple children w/ various behavioral issues and things of that nature.  Not all, but some.  It is nice if they hear at least one good thing they've done for the week.  And, to make it fair, I do it for ALL the kids.  Usually do it with all of them but haven't had time.  Next week.  For now, here goes:

This is Irina and Bojan.  They volunteered at Camp Woodbine for the deaf/ HOH families.  Was thoughtful of them to offer their time to help others enjoy a day of fun.

Max-- Max works for a company and has been allowed to bring different things home from the foreclosed homes he works on.  He really has been thoughtful and brings different items home for the family that we either need or have always wanted.  Was sweet of him to really think  of literally everyone in the family.  Brought this electric thing for Nik he always wanted.  A banjo for Warren.  And Christmas lights.  Coffee for some.  All sorts of brand new proactive products for the girls.  Something they had always wanted.  Just sweet of Max to think of everyone.  

Alex-- He has been helping others with their school work and when they get stuck.  Offering to tutor them and taking time w/ other siblings.  Notices their struggles and willing to jump in and help.  

Logan-- He has been helping Alyona with school work which is fantastic.  One of the few that has the patience for it.  

Houseguest-- Always willing to jump in and help where needed.  Thinking of others first, asking to do their hair or help w/ chores even if not hers to do.  

Reni-- One day Reni saw I was trying to get dinner together and watch Little Guy.  She stepped up and offered to go give him a bath.  Was very thoughtful of her to see a need and fill it.

Nik-- wrapped up a present to give to Dimitri (boy I babysit from time to time).  Also drew him pictures and wanted to give him a present.  Nice of him to think of someone else. 

Summer-- Been doing lots of sharing lately. 

Sofie-- today, a friend came to visit.  Earlier Sofie had made cookies.  She ran out to the van to go give her friend a cookie.

Little Guy-- I know he doesn't know much yet but is learning more and more.  He was practicing signing I love you to me.  Just thought it was sweet.

I know I missed Alyona.  Can't think off the cuff.  But will be sure to get her next week.  


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