Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Studying, spilling and saving

Still trying to catch up on posts as you know.  Hey, 2nd one for today.  May be getting somewhere.  Just not going very fast.  Definitely will be posting this week.  I've set myself up a new schedule which was desperately needed for order around here. Also, new chore charts for the kids.

Woke up one morning to this.  Reni in the dining room by herself studying anatomy.  Umm, I was impressed.  She really is a self- starter and does well. Some of my homeschoolers just need a cattle prod to do work.  But Reni and House guest really are doing well for studying.  So is Alex.  The others? Well, they have a ways to go.  Some are simply lazy.  I'm working on it.  They also have a tutor that started to help us.  A high school student friend that is tutoring as a requirement for one of her classes.  It will be wonderful!  She's come once but is starting more this week. We can't wait.  

Where would we be without spills every once in awhile a day?  Irina was putting the Sam's sized jar of ketchup away.  This was the end result.  Doesn't look like much but it is and took forever to clean up as it was so thick.

Lately, we have been trying to cut costs any way we can.  Lawyers are just not cheap.  LOL.  And with two adoptions, you can just think to yourself.  So, trying to cut every way we can.  Decided to try to make our own peanut butter.  Got the peanuts from the local farmer's market even.  The house smelled wonderful.  Peanuts tasted fantastic.  Made the peanut butter.  We all decided we should stick to Jiff and leave it at that.  Just did not taste right.  Next up, cheese. Mozzarella.  That will be our attempt in a few weeks.  Any other money saving ideas, send them our way for sure.  We already make most our own cleaning products and laundry soap.  Make some of our own beauty items.  We figure every little bit helps.  Plus, nice to not see so many chemicals in things. 

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