Thursday, November 13, 2014

Should We Call it Art?

Art is flexible in this homeschool class.  Last year we actually had a teacher come to the house and even went to someone else's studio for art.  This year, as none of the ones I'm homeschooling are estatic about art, we are a bit more lax in what we do for 'art.'  Well, Halloween week, we do need some fun.  Next semester we'll learn about the great artists and go to the art museum. This semester...lax.  So, it was Halloween.  I pulled out this for Summer and Nik to work on.

They started with this.  Put it together themselves.

Nik is deciding who gets what I think. Though, Summer is strong in her opinion so she wasn't going to let him rule the show.

Nik was taking too much pleasure in all that icing.  The more, the better I think was his motto.

I think this was what they thought about the whole thing.  smiles.  Notice Nik's black around his mouth?  He was eating the icing.

And of course Naked Ken had to help with the decorating.  He's baaack.

The front of the finished product.

The side of it.  I think this is scary enough.  And you know what?  All the kids ate every bite of it.  Great after Halloween sale find at Wally World.  

My creative kiddo.  So Nik took Irina's ipod while she was at work and built this for her.  The ipod is incased in legos and he left a space to take another lego to turn it on with.  The thing in front of it was a couch he made.  Irina was not as impressed but she did say it was clever of him to do.  

More posts forthcoming.  We had a super busy day today, Wednesday.  Tomorrow we are home and house guest has dance.  So, shouldn't be quite as hectic.  I say t hat now. 

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